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Our physician managed services organization (BPO and RCM) teams handle all the grunt work of keeping your schedules full, getting payer reimbursements on time, each time.

Your time is better spent on patient care

If you prefer to do it yourself, feel free to use these comprehensive guides.

Improving operations further

As your healthcare businesses grows, your operational costs will skyrocket as well. Use these guides to control those costs and get reimbursed for each and every dollar.

Quick ways to get started with our physician managed services organization

Denials Management

Start with payer denials. That alone will tell you a lot about what’s wrong with your medical billing / revenue cycle. Plus, it will also give you hints about what to fix with your call center.

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No Shows Management

Re-appoint your no-shows diligently. We have noticed that 80+% of patients come back to their appointments if we just reach out to them. No-shows alone tell you what to fix in your call center.

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