Grow Your Healthcare Business

Our BPO, RCM teams help physician owners serving underserved populations double their business. Our HealthIT team helps healthcare software vendors bring innovative solutions to market faster.

Increase patient volume

Learn more about medical marketing with our articles on marketing for today’s healthcare environment. These ideas for general practice marketing are geared towards healthcare marketers. These patient acquisition tips can also be implemented by practitioners and office managers if they are regimented enough.

Healthcare, in many respects, is becoming a more competitive industry for providers. Learn how to generate more patients volumes by recalling patients, re-appointing no-shows, cancellations, how to get new patients via patient reviews, community outreach, digital marketing, physician referral marketing. Grow your business.

Improve patient access

Patient access management and improvement is key to practice improvement – whether you are a small medical practice, a hospital or a health system. Patient access departments are your front line. In our experience, we find that most (if not all) such departments could do a LOT better simply by adopting a few best practices, incorporating technologies that ease patient workflow.

In other words, if you work on the people, processes and technologies to improve access for your patients, your profitability, financial viability, patient experience, patient satisfaction, your hospital’s reputation.. everything will improve.

Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine technology helps you provide better patient care. Telemedicine also helps you lower no-shows, retain patients. Finally, telemedicine service offering also helps to generate additional reimbursement dollars.

Here are a few short guides on telemedicine. We also include the various options you have for each modality, plus the pros/cons of each. Learn how to get reimbursed for phone calls, telehealth, eVisits, store and forward, remote patient monitoring.

Hopefully these guides will help you decide whether your practice should invest in telehealth or not.

Get Ahead With HealthIT

A few healthcare software development and health IT tips and tricks that we have learnt over the years while building medical web and mobile applications.

We typically get involved in creating healthcare CRMs, patient tracking, patient experience and patient access software, physician referrals software, custom EMR interface development, HIPAA secure messaging platform development, re engineering healthcare software for Azure/AWS, patient contact centers software (amazon connect or Vonage) etc.

This helps us evaluate a LOT of various technologies – here are some tips and tricks to help your team leverage our knowledge base.