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Our AWS healthcare solutions and services help providers reduce operational expenses, increase collections, improve patient outreach and patient experience.

Healthcare call center services - Nisos Health

Clinical Outreach

Looking for outsourced call center services? We can help with Acquisition, Retention, Reminder outreaches (patients or members), Patient Access Services, Revenue Cycle Management Calls, Discharge follow ups (patients or members), Care Gap Outreach (patients or members, mostly HEDIS), Custom Call Center Outreach Needs.

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Medical billing  services - Nisos Health

Revenue Cycle Management

Looking to improve your reimbursements? Our revenue cycle management (full services) and medical billing (claims filing) team works with individual practitioners & physician groups. We can work with your billing team or can help you with entire revenue cycle management processes.

Healthcare IT services - Nisos Health

Cloud based contact center

We are Amazon Web Services partners. Our IT team can help you leverage the Amazon cloud and various cost saving possibilities it offers. Leverage Amazon Connect Contact Center usage based pricing model to save a bundle. No more long term contracts, no per agent / seat pricing. Read more.

healthcare workflow management

Multi-channel customer engagement at scale

Leverage Amazon Pinpoint to easily communicate with your customers and patients over multiple channels. Win more customers, patients and retain them for life.

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How to have your medical practice show up in search results

Business Intelligence & Forecasting

Amazon QuickSight helps you gain deeper insights into your business without any software or hardware headaches. It runs in the cloud and charges you only for usage. This is the world’s first usage based business intelligence solution. What’s more? Amazon Quicksight allows advanced insights for all users that leverages machine learning as well. Read more.

Digital Patient intake process

Business Process Management

Amazon Honeycode lets your staff be more productive. We all live on spreadsheets, do some levels of project management, have operational checklists/tasks, timesheets, approvals etc. Honeycode takes all those messy spreadsheets and lets you create mobile and web apps without IT departments. Read more.

Healthcare IT services - Nisos Health

Go serverless. Reduce expenses.

AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume. We are Amazon Web Services partners. Our IT team can help you leverage the Amazon cloud and various cost saving possibilities it offers. Read more on how you can save with Amazon Lambda here.