Healthcare customer increases reviews from 22 to 650+ in 8 months

Learn how our healthcare customer increased their patient reviews from 22 to 650+ in 8 months. In turn, this increased appointment volumes significantly!

Our customer was not getting enough new patient appointments from their website. While the customer got a lot of new patient appointments from their referring partners, their inbound appointment request channel was pretty scant and dry. They had a website in place and had spent a decent amount on creating their website. However, they were not getting much incoming calls or appointment request submissions from their website. A point to note that in the past they had never really paid attention to getting reviews from their patients. A reputation management program was simply not in place. 

When we started our engagement with this group, they had 12 providers and only 22 reviews to show for the last 4 years of operation. While their website did show up in search results, it didn’t provide any confidence to prospective patients about the quality of care they might receive. All the medical SEO work that our customer’s medical marketing agency kept doing, was going to waste as patients chose higher reviewed doctors (competitors).

The solution

Since most patient reviews software charge per provider and come bundled with other software that we did not really need, we recommended that our client use our free EzPatientReviews software. Each day, patients were sent review requests via SMS. For patients that had provided our customer with landline numbers, our patient contact center team called and asked for their feedback. Then, our patient contact center team would send these patients a text message with the review request. Within 8 months, our customer had 650+ reviews across all three locations. A key point to note is that our customer started seeing a much higher inbound appointment request volume as well.