Meeting HEDIS Requirements For Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Comprehensive diabetes care (CDC):  HbA1c Testing HbA1c Control Retinal/Diabetic eye exam Medical attention for Nephropathy BP Control <140/90 mm Hg Retinal/Diabetic eye exam: % of plan members with diabetes who…Continue readingMeeting HEDIS Requirements For Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Medical Marketing – Direct to patients

Do not depend solely on referrals from physicians to grow your business. Establish a direct line with patients and learn how to get business from patients directly.Continue readingMedical Marketing – Direct to patients

Medical Marketing – physician referrals

Understand the healthcare referral process well. If you are a referral coordinator – This will help you be better at your job. If you’re a physician liaison – this will help you manage referring partner relationships better. If you’re a healthcare marketer – this will help you make your quota. Continue readingMedical Marketing – physician referrals

How we use our own healthcare CRM

The state of the current healthcare CRM market, why we had to develop our own healthcare CRM, how we use our healthcare CRM. Here’s how we solve our own healthcare marketing challenges.Continue readingHow we use our own healthcare CRM