Amazon Connect For Cloud Call Center

Leverage Amazon Connect Contact Center usage based pricing model to save a bundle. No more long term contracts, no per agent / seat pricing.

Small and medium businesses can save a bundle (sometimes, up to 80%) by moving their customer support to Amazon Connect Contact Center. 

It’s not just about saving money. It’s also to be able to support customers without having to hire a whole lot of people. 

COVID will be over one day – this is the time to retain your customers. You worked hard on getting these customers in the first place.

How do you save on communications operational costs?

The best way to do so is to set up a centralized customer contact center. Traditionally this has been an expensive proposition for most small and medium-sized businesses.

No more.

Amazon Connect contact center has changed the game entirely (as usual, for Amazon). They have made the SAME technology that powers their own retail business, available to everyone.

Our customer contact center teams have been using Amazon Connect for a while now and we have been helping small and medium-sized enterprises see the same benefits as well.

What is this Amazon Connect?

Think of it as a multi channel, cloud based, customer support software. You have no software to install, no hardware headaches to manage, no phone companies to deal with. For most small and medium-sized businesses, we can even get you up and running within 1 week!

All your customer service folks would need are a computer and a headset – that’s it. They can work from your office, home, anywhere in the world.

What do I use Amazon Connect for?

As of now, out of the box, Amazon connect helps you connect with and support customers via web chat and over the phone.

However, we help you talk to customers using text messaging as well (something that Amazon does not support out of the box).

So, you can support customers via web chat, phone calls, text messages.

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    Is Amazon Connect only for incoming inquiries?

    Nope. Amazon Connect does not limit you to just receiving calls. You can make as many outbound calls as you want as well.

    Their pricing is very competitive and usually lower than anyone else in the business. 

    On top of that, unlike other phone companies, they only charge you when you make or receive calls.

    Yes, Web chat is only for inbound inquiries 🙂

    What happens to our current company number?

    If you want, you can keep your phone number and only make outbound calls from Amazon Connect. 

    You can buy as many outbound numbers as you want (from Amazon). They are dirt cheap. Once you have used it, you can also cancel these numbers if you want.

    We usually recommend porting your office number(s) to Amazon Connect to save even more money. This way, all your inbound calls will also be answered by Amazon connect.

    Porting takes about 7-10 days and is totally seamless. Your customers won’t know anything.

    How about our phone greeting, phone tree etc?

    It is incredibly easy for us to set up your phone greeting and your phone tree using Amazon Connect. There are two options – using Amazon’s text to speech option (it’s world class – really) OR by using your custom recorded greeting (these are just audio files that we will ask from you). 

    With text to speech, you just tell us what you want your greeting to say. Amazon does a very natural sounding sound for the text you provide.

    You can create your dial by name directory, dial by business function or however else you choose to set up your phone tree.

    For each phone tree option, you can even have custom voice prompts. 

    Same concept applies here – either TTS (text to speech) or your own custom recordings (e.g. mp3 sound files).

    Does Amazon connect help me record calls for training purposes?

    Yup! With just a few clicks, all calls can be recorded. You can choose to record only the customer, your customer service representative or BOTH. We always prefer to record both.

    These call recordings can even be transcribed by the power of Amazon Web Services (Amazon Transcribe, actually) and be sent via email if you’d like.

    How about sensitive information? Are they stored in the cloud?

    Amazon redacts sensitive information as well. We can help you set that up.

    Essentially, you can tell Amazon what you want saved and what you want redacted (sensitive information).
    If you are a healthcare customer, please keep in mind that the redacted call recordings are not 100% HIPAA compliant.

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      Can Amazon Connect help me make my customers happy?

      No, only you and your employees can do that 🙂

      However, Amazon Connect can certainly help you understand the sentiment of the caller when they are on the phone with your staff. 

      Amazon connect has something called Contact Lens that helps you measure and understand the sentiment of the caller and your agent over the duration of the call.

      How about supporting multiple languages?

      Yup – Amazon is world class in that (as you already know). Behind the scenes, Amazon Connect uses something called Amazon Polly and it supports all kinds of languages. English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish – no sweat!

      Don’t see your language? Amazon keeps adding language support regularly.

      What else can Amazon Connect do for me?

      Below are several things that Amazon can help you achieve. Feel free to go through these guides. There are more ideas in our resource center for Amazon Connect as well.

      Can Amazon Connect contact center connect to my CRM?

      Of course! That’s one of the amazing things about Amazon connect. Once you start using Amazon connect – you can connect it to your CRM, your EMR, your help desk ticketing system.. Anything you want.

      How does Amazon Connect help me reduce costs even further?

      You can repurpose your support staff for more complex interactions. 

      Nisos Health and Amazon can help you service more of your customers or staff with self-service options.

      When you allow self service options, you free up your customer service agents to handle more complex customer requests.

      You also free up customer service agents to make more outbound phone calls (for various purposes).

      You help them connect with more customers and generate more business for your business. 

      That’s the power that Amazon Connect cloud software brings to you.

      What can Nisos Health do for me?

      We will get you and your team set up to leverage the power of Amazon Customer Engagement solutions.

      We will configure up to four roles/profiles and onboard up to 25 contact center agents.

      We will build up to four interactive voice response (IVR) contact flows. These contact flows may or may not include Amazon Lex natural language capability depending on what we discover during our initial calls.

      We will train you on the out of the box Contact Center Panel (CCP), reporting and will set up skills-based routing for up to three skills of your agents.

      We will integrate with up to two API calls for data dips from external systems.

      We will do CTI (computer telephony integration) configuration for automatic number identification (ANI)-based screen pop with either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics (your choice).

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