Decentralized healthcare call center

A decentralized healthcare call center approach allows you to spread your costs, risks across multiple sites servicing your patients.

In a centralized healthcare call center, you are effectively, centrally housing all your call center agents. 

You are centralizing the technology and the infrastructure into one. 

In centralized call centers, you are centralizing the management and oversight of the call center into a single space. 

You are centralizing the call types that your consolidated call center will handle.

Consolidating the training, security protocols, management into one place.

You are centralizing telecom costs into one as well.

How about decentralized healthcare call center model?

Now, consider the decentralized healthcare call center approach. In this situation, you have multiple sites servicing your patient communications.

Your agents are geographically distributed.

This could mean that your non-call staff are located at multiple sites. Although, arguably, this doesn’t necessarily have to be.

With a decentralized call center, your real estate footprint at each location / site could also be a lot smaller.

The telecom, call center technology and infrastructure are also now spread across the multiple locations / sites.

You are not limited to the talent pool of a consolidated/centralized call center. Therefore, this allows you to tap into the talent pool of the various sites / locations.

For example, to support various languages, you could have multiple sites located across various countries / regions.

Your training and hiring will also be spread across those decentralized sites. While this means that you have access to the local talent pool at each location, you might also have to have training that’s local to each site.

While your footprint is a lot smaller at each location, your risks at each location are lower as well.

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