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Healthcare Software Solutions For Providers

We pride ourselves in providing healthcare software solutions that our own BPO and KPO teams use on a daily basis. At Nisos Health our goal is to help healthcare providers run their practice groups profitably without adding extra staff. Our business process outsourcing (medical call center, medical marketing) and knowledge process outsourcing (revenue cycle management) teams work with various specialty provider groups every day. The healthcare software solutions we promote are fully vetted out by our own BPO and KPO teams as we use these software every day with our healthcare customers.


Store and Forward – Radiology, pathology, dermatology, and ophthalmology specialties have been using asynchronous (store and forward) modalities of telemedicine to improve patient access and get a better handle on their telehealth strategy. Even with 1 hour of free time, your provider can easily see up to 20 new cases. Werq Telemedicine comes with no startup costs and you pay as you go. Werq Telemedicine store and forward platform can be used for teleradiology, teledermatology, teledermoscopy, retinal screenings, telepathology (whole slide imaging).

eConsult – Werq Telemedicine eConsult platform can be used by all providers to extend audio-visual (video calling) to improve patient outcomes, reduce no-shows and improve their patient pipeline. eConsults are generally reimbursed at 3x more than asynchronous (store and forward) telemedicine consults. Add econsults to your practice’s telehealth strategy today. We can help.


Werq’s PatientIntake platform is used by primary and specialty care provider groups to increase staff productivity, reduce billing errors, increase patient collections, and to improve patient engagement. Werq Patient Intake integrates seamlessly with WerqPatientEngage – mobile patient portal that patients actually use to reduce your office staff’s communication overheads.

Werq PatientIntake helps you schedule patients right from your website – be it a patient scheduling an appointment or a referring provider office sending you referrals. WerqPatientIntake also integrates seamlessly with the WerqReferralNetwork software so your staff never has to login to “yet another system”.


WerqPatientEngage helps your practice reduce communication overheads before, during and in-between patient visits.  The platform helps your practice gather patient intake data before the patient comes in for their visit. Since this integrates directly with WerqPatientIntake, your staff no longer have to spend extra time preparing for a patient’s visit. WerqPatientEngage helps your staff with appointment reminders, post-visit satisfaction surveys, requesting patient reviews, reappointing no-shows and cancellations, payment reminders, allowing patients to pay their balances – all in one place.


Your staff collaborates and communicates between each other in the office, across your practice locations, with your referring physician offices, with patients before and after a visit. Provider groups use WerqMessaging for their internal staff, with referring provider offices, patients to collaborate, communicate and get work done faster without adding unnecessary overheads of multiple communication channels. Providers use WerqMessaging to find and connect with colleagues.

WerqMessaging integrates with all of Werq’s software to help you bring all your communications in one place.


WerqHealthcareCRM helps your marketing team increase your patient pipeline with a patient tracking system. WerqHealthcareCRM integrates directly with your EMR and helps your staff increase patient appointments every day. WerqHealthcareCRM helps your physician liaisons generate new patient referral sources from neighboring providers while helping your practice management staff close the loop on each referred patient to keep your referring partners happy.


Join the WerqReferralNetwork today to start getting referrals from providers near your office locations. WerqReferralNetwork helps you create strong, high performant referral networks with tight service level agreements and MOUs. WerqReferralNetwork ties in directly with WerqHealthcareCRM and all other Werq software to truly market your practice. Your existing referring partners do not even have to be part of the referral network and are not forced to change the way they send referrals to you.