Free CareCloud Doctor Schedules Mobile App

If you and your practice use the CareCloud EHR, use this mobile app to see your daily/weekly/monthly schedules.

If you and your practice use the CareCloud EHR, use this mobile app to see your daily/weekly/monthly schedules. Unlike the Carecloud Companion app, anyone that works at your practice and uses Carecloud EHR can use this app.

It’s a simple mobile app that helps you not have to login to your computer just to see your daily or upcoming schedule. It’s very simple – choose the provider whose schedule you want to see (more often than not, it will be your own). Choose the day you want to view their schedule for and that’s it. You can see appointment details as well.

To login, simply use your CareCloud username and password. After that, select the practice you belong to – and that’s it. Nothing else to configure or mess with.

How to get started for free

Go to Apple app store or Google play store. Search for “CareCloud Doctor Schedules”. Alternatively, you can also find the links below:

Carecloud Doctor Schedules App Store link.
Carecloud Doctor Schedules Google Play Store link.

How to login to the Carecloud Doctor Schedules mobile app

After you download the app and launch it, you will see the the login button (see image). Click on the login button. It will open up a web page from your CareCloud EHR. You will have to enter your CareCloud userid and password on that screen.

Your login credentials are not stored as you are, effectively, entering your login credentials on the CareCloud EHR web page itself.

On the next screen, you are asked to choose a practice (if you belong to multiple practices that use CareCloud). Choose the practice and you will be able to see your schedule after that.

How do I see the schedule of a specific doctor?

Click on the middle icon (looks like a human) to see a list of all doctors/providers at your practice. Select the provider of your choice on the next screen (more often than not, this will be yourself). That’s it – you are shown the schedule for that doctor on the next screen.

How do I change the date and see schedule for that day

There’s not much to this. You can swipe left/right to see your schedule for that day. You can also click on the calendar button to pick a date for which you want to see the schedule.

It’s that simple.

How do I see the appointment details

Click on any appointment that you want to see the details of. You will be show the patient demographics, appointment status, confirmation status, location of appointment, patient contact details.