Automated patient engagement software

Looking for automated patient engagement, patient outreach, automated patient checkin software? Our patient engagement software helps you with SMS plus voicemail fallback for landlines.

Use our template library for appointment reminders, no shows, cancellations, patient balance reminders, recalling patients fallen out of care, satisfaction surveys (CG-CAHPS), reviews requests, payment confirmations, demographics update, insurance update campaigns, consent form signatures, marketing blasts, regular updates, patient check in messages, wellness campaigns – you name it!


2 way text messages

You can service more customers / patients with less efforts. When you are on the phone with a customer / patient, you can only service one customer / patient at a time. Just like we use text messages to have multiple conversations with our friends – use our web texting software to have multiple conversations with customers / patients anytime, anywhere.

Text Message Blast

Tired of sending messages to customers / patients one by one? No problem – send text messages to ALL your customers / patients in one shot, without being an IT geek.

Text message templates

Tired of typing the same response to customers / patients all the time? With our business texting software you can create quick responses and simply reuse them with one click.

Automated text messages

Do you have to send customers / patients appointment confirmation messages? How about appointment reminder messages? Or automated messages if customers have not kept their appointments? We let you do all this easily.

Voicemail drops where messages fail

How many mobile numbers do you really have in your EMR? When your EMR sends out those messages to patients for confirmation.. they all fail to deliver messages sent to the landline numbers. Our patient contact center team knows these issues very well. So, instead of failing to send appointment reminder messages, we send a voice note to those patients. If patients actually pick up the call, then can press 1 to speak to an agent. If patients do not pick up the call, the voice note is left as a voicemail on their answering machine.

Appointment reminders

Just like your EMR can send appointment reminders, so can we. The difference is that we can send appointment reminders on multiple channels – channels that your patients prefer.

No show reminders

Just like your EMR can send no-show reminders, so can we. We can also send appointment no-show reminders on multiple channels that your patients prefer. In addition to that, you can also leverage tried and tested no-show script templates that our patient contact center team uses daily.

Cancellation outreach

You get the benefit of using tried and tested templates that our patient contact center team uses daily. We reach out to patients on multiple channels – email, SMS, voice etc. Try that with your EMR 🙂

Balance reminders

Still sending paper statements from your EMR? Ugh. Most of your paper statements are going to the trash. Who reads paper statements these days anyways? Why even spend so much money on paper statements? Use our battle tested balance reminder scripts and deliver it to patients over various channels.

Payment confirmations

You no longer have to send paper statements for payment confirmations either. We deliver them via messaging. Save on paper costs (yes, your EMR does charge you) and stamp costs.

Patient reactivation

Do you have patients that you have not seen in over a quarter? Time to bring them in! This is the main methodology that our patient contact center team has used to various clients to generate more visit volumes for them. Lean on our experience, our scripts, our templates and take care of more patients without the communication overheads!

Satisfaction surveys (CG-CAHPS)

Want to know how your staff is doing? Go ahead and ask your patients. Use our templates to create satisfaction surveys that are styled after CG-CAHPS visit type ones. We can deliver your survey over voice and messaging.

Patient reviews requests

Want to collect patient reviews on a daily basis? No problem. Try our patient engagement software, use our templates or create your own! Set it once and forget it. We will even respond to your patient reviews on your behalf in a HIPAA compliant way.

Demographics update campaign

This alone helps our medical billing team reduce denials. They use our patient engagement software and send automated personalized messages to patients reminding them to update their demographics. We can deliver this automatically over various channels as well. Use our scripts and templates and you will be on your way.

Insurance update campaign

Here’s another one that helps our medical billing team reduce denials. Plus, it also helps out medical billing team find out unused insurance benefits as well. They use our patient engagement software and send automated personalized messages to patients reminding them to update their insurances. We can deliver this automatically over various channels as well. Use our scripts and templates and you will be on your way.

Consent form signatures

The more you communicate with patients before their appointment, the higher the chances of them showing up 🙂 We have seen that on a regular basis. Instead of just communicating with them about their appointment, ask them for various signatures or demographics information to keep them engaged until they show up. Feel free to use our tried and tested templates.

Marketing blasts

From time to time, you can run marketing campaigns to bring patients back to your health system. We make it easy to run marketing campaigns without involving your front desk or back office staff even one bit. All delivered across multiple channels.

Practice updates

A new doctor joined? Need to cancel appointments because a doctor has an emergency? Location closed down for a few days because of bed bugs (yes, we have seen those as well). No problem. In a few clicks, you can send blast of messages to patients.

Patient “checking in” messages

Here’s one trick to engage patients and retain them for life – checking in or touching base with patients shortly after their appointments. It works wonders and can be done without much of a hassle at all.

Wellness campaigns

Wellness campaigns are amazing. It’s a great way to take care of your patients and help them avoid bigger health issues in the future. In addition to that, it’s very good for your business as well (think of the MIPS requirements your payers put you through). We have several campaign templates out of the box waiting for you to use or customize. Here’s a partial list


Community outreach campaigns

Medical marketing is not easy. You constantly need to generate new business (aka patients). Community outreach is a great way to introduce your patients to your practice, a new location, a new doctor etc. We can help you deliver!

“Use it or lose it” campaigns

Dental and vision businesses have a unique opportunity at the end of year, each year. Patients may end up with unused healthcare dollars in their accounts. You need to run an end of year “use it or lose it” campaign at the beginning of the 4th quarter each year. We have several campaign templates out of the box waiting for you to use or customize.


Number scrubbing (mobile, landline, VOIP)1
Outbound SMS1
Inbound SMS1
Outbound picture SMS5
Auto-responder SMS1
Virtual number (local)100 /month
Toll free number500 / month

The cost-per-credit goes down with each higher subscription plan per month and ranges from $0.015 to $.0035 per credit. Below is an example.

CreditsPlan cost per monthCost per credit
No plan $0.000$0.01500

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I sign up?

    Contact us to get started.

    To sign up, please enter your first, last name, email address and phone number. Then, click sign up.

    If you are already an amazon web services customer, you can simply subscribe to our patient engagement solution with your amazon web services (AWS) marketplace account. The benefit of getting our solution from AWS marketplace is that you will be billed by Amazon Marketplace directly and won’t have to deal with our billing department at all.

    Once you sign up, you are ready to take your patient engagement to the next level.

    How to send SMS to customers quickly

    After you login, you will see several tabs at the bottom of the screen. One of them is called SMS.
    Click on the SMS tab. This will take you to the SMS inbox where you can see all the SMS you have sent to patients and all the SMS that patients have responded to.

    On the right hand side of that page, you will see a section “Search or add a new number”. This section allows you to type in any phone number that you want to. If the number you typed in matches an existing patient’s number from your EMR, the patient details will show up.
    In addition to the patient details showing up, if this person was sent SMS before, that SMS message history will also show up.

    If it does not match the patient details in your EMR, you can still send an SMS to that number or person.

    Type in the message you want to write to this person and hit send. That’s it!

    We have noticed that patient engagement benefits tremendously by allowing patients to be able to text your practice. Our patient contact center team , surgery coordination team and our medical billing team (available for hire, of course) experience the same every day for our healthcare customers.

    How to send SMS blast to patients quickly

    Patient engagement is a delicate balance between automated communication, personalizing those communications and at the same time, having the ability to communicate 1 on 1.

    On the same SMS tab of this web page, click on the SMS blast button on the top left hand corner. On this page, you will be able to add up to 50 phone numbers, patient details and if you want, appointment details as well.

    If you do not want to type in each number manually, you can also upload a CSV file with numbers to send SMS to.

    We understand that you won’t always know which numbers are mobile numbers and which ones are landline numbers. Don’t worry, we will tell you which ones are undeliverable. You can safely remove them – in fact, even if you do not remove them, we will not send SMS to undeliverable numbers anyway. This wastes your budget.

    Look for the section “What do you want to say?” on the right hand side of this web page.

    Write your first message. Hit Send. That’s it!

    Patient engagement success? Check !

    I typed a number and some person’s data showed up. What’s that?

    Patient engagement dictates that you treat patients with as much prior information as you already have.. to make them feel appreciated. However, there will always be times when you do not know a caller or a text / whatsapp message sender’s identity.

    Whenever you type in someone’s phone number, we try to look up this number for a matching patient to show you all related information and communication history with this patient.

    However, when we do not find a match, we try to enhance this phone number’s data with what’s available from various third party vendors like Telo’s everyoneapi and others.

    The information that these vendors returns is not always 100% accurate, but at least, you have something to go on. That phone number is not just 10 digits.. it becomes a “person” for you.

    We recommend that you save that contact’s details to your CRM and if you are connected with this person, update that contact detail with information you received from the patient.

    If we do not find any information on this phone number, we will show you that as well.

    How do I know if a patient has written back?

    The first time that you use the application, your browser will ask you for permissions to send you notifications. It will look something like this below (depends on your browser). Allow notifications and you will then be notified on all incoming messages – whether they are via SMS, incoming phone calls, faxes, Whatsapp, iMessage etc.

    When your patient writes back to you, you will get notification on your computer plus, you will also see a red blinking light / badge on the tab where a new message has been received.
    Eg see below. You have received a new text message, a new whatsapp message, a new website chat, a new / missed phone call – you will see a red blinking light on all those tabs.

    Can I really chat with patients? 2 way conversations?

    Yes. You can. Go to Inbox (SMS, Website Chats, Facebook, Whatsapp etc) and chat just like you would with your friends and colleagues – the only difference is that you would be now chatting from a desktop instead of your phone!

    How about landlines? What do I do with those?

    There’s never a case where a practice has mobile numbers of all patients. We have never seen that happen – that’s not feasible either.
    Our patient engagement software allows you to drop voicemails as well. You can use the same template that you use in messaging for leaving voicemails.
    The software warns you whenever you are trying to send messages to landlines, so you don’t waste any money on sending SMS to undeliverable numbers. Instead, you can drop a voicemail for those numbers. You have this option on each tab you enable.

    How do I schedule messages to send to my patients messages later?

    Whenever you send messages, you can decide to send now or send later. This is, of course, when you are not sending automated messages on a scheduled basis.
    When you hit send on the SMS page (or whatsapp page etc), you can schedule the exact date/time the messages will be sent.

    Please do keep in mind that we do not guarantee that your messages will be sent exactly at that time. There might be slight delays of a few minutes while we finish sending your messages – specially if you have scheduled a lot of messages to be sent out.

    Can I create SMS templates to send to my patients?

    Absolutely, you can create SMS templates that are very much personalized for your patients. When you are on the SMS page, you will see a templates button that lists / shows you all the templates you have created for patient engagement.

    You can edit those templates at any time.

    Meanwhile, you can also create a new template at any time. When you create a template, you will have access to different variables to personalize your message. e.g. you can personalize your messages with patient name, your locations, doctor names, addresses, appointment date /times etc.

    Whatever information you have provided to the patient engagement software, you can reuse to personalize your communications with your patients.

    Can my staff create quick responses to avoid typing messages each time?

    Absolutely! This software was created by our patient contact center of excellence to help other provider teams get better at patient engagement. We know the pains that our front line faces each and every day.

    Quick responses are available at any time by clicking on the top right hand side of any web page. It opens up quick actions menu where in you have access to

    1. Quick connects to your favorites (customers, patients, partners, team mates, manager etc)
    2. Quick responses – things you type all the type and do not want to waste time typing each time.
    3. Directory – internal company directory to transfer your calls or messages to
    4. Recent calls – whether you tended to them or not.

    How do I set up automated appointment reminders?

    Your EMR lets you send reminders but does not let you have 2 way conversations with your patients. That’s crucial and our patient engagement software helps you with exactly that.

    Your EMR does not help you when your patient’s phone number is not a mobile number. It sends an SMS to a landline number. That doesn’t work, does it?

    We have built in phone number intelligence in our software and recognize when we cannot send a text message to a patient’s phone number. Instead of a text message, we send them a voicemail. It’s that simple.

    When you want to set up automated appointment reminders, all you have to do is to click on the Templates button. Once you are there, you can create a template however you prefer.

    Here’s an example “Hi <patient first name>, This is <agent name> calling from <your practice name> Just a friendly reminder about your eye care appt on <appt date / time> at our <location name>. In case you don’t have our address, we are located at <location address>. If you need to make any changes to your appointment, please text us back here or call us. Otherwise, we will see you on <appt date / time>. Have a nice day”

    How do I set up automated no show re-appointment reminders?

    A large part of patient engagement is to keep your patients engaged in their own healthcare as well – to reduce ER utilizations. Just because a patient is a no-show, does not mean that you should not reach out to reappointment those patients.

    Our patient engagement software allows you to do that. You need to have your patients and their appointments set up in our software. As soon as our software notices that the patient has not showed up for their appointment (i.e marked as a no-show), we can send out automated reminders to patients and try to re-appoint them.

    To set this up automatically, you need to go to “Templates” section. There, you can create a personalized message to send to your no-show patients. As usual, you can personalize your message based on the patient and appointment information that you provide the system.

    After setting this up, you can set up the schedule to send those messages. E.g. you might want to send the patients a message the day after they were a no-show. Or, if you prefer, you can wait for 3-4 days to send the message or even send them a message on the same day they missed their appointment.

    How do I set up automated cancellation re-appointment reminders?

    Patients cancel their appointments all the time. Our patient contact center team has had tremendous success in re-appointing those patients by simply reaching out to them and reminding them how important it is to keep their healthcare appointments.

    Go to Templates section. Create a template of the message you want to send and insert all the variables you want to replace with the personalization you want to create.

    Here’s an example “Hi <patient first name>, This is <agent name> calling from <your practice name>. <doctor name> heard that you cancelled your eye care appt on <appt date / time>. He wanted me to find out the reason as he would prefer to see you again to make sure your vision is performing at its best. I am calling you to get you another appointment to see our doctor. Please text us back here or call us. Otherwise, I will try to call you tomorrow. Have a nice day.”

    How do I set up automated patient balance reminders?

    For balance reminders, you need to make sure that you also supply our patient engagement software with balance information! Patient balances are a little tricky as you need to wait the right amount of time for insurance payment adjudication is wrapped up. Once you are sure that the patient truly does owe the balance and that you are allowed to balance bill, then you can send patients balance reminders.
    For this, you would first ensure that your patient records are appended with balance information. Next, you would decide on how you want to communicate balance reminders to your patients.
    In our experience, patients do want to see their statements to believe the fact that they have a remaining balance. Do be prepared for that.
    As usual, go to the Templates section, create a personalized template to send out to your patients with balances and schedule when you want to send the reminder, how you want the reminder sent and how many times you want to remind the patient.

    As an example, you could use something like this “Hi <patient first name>, This is <agent name> from <practice name>. This is a bit embarrassing to call about. We noticed that you still have a pending balance of <patient balance due> from your last visit with <doctor name> on <appt date>. I wanted to gently remind you to pay the balance at <billing website>. If you have any questions, please text us back here or call us. Thank you so much for looking into this. Have a nice day.”

    Recalling patients fallen out of care for months – how do I get them back?

    You can use a script like this to do so “Hi <patient name>, This is <agent> calling from <practice name>. <doctor name> noticed that he hasn’t seen you for an eye care appt since <last appt date/time>. He wanted me to reach out to you as he would prefer to see you again to make sure your vision is performing at its best. I am calling you to get you another appointment to see <doctor name>. Please text us back here or call us. Otherwise, I will try to call you tomorrow. Have a nice day.”

    Typically, with patient reactivation, you want to wait for at least a quarter before recalling the patient. Make sure that your patient CRM or EMR and the patient engagement software are in sync. This way, if the patient has not come back to your practice for more than 3 months (or however long you decide) gets a reminder through message or voicemail drop.

    I want to send satisfaction surveys. How do I do that?

    It is a good practice to send satisfaction surveys to patients each quarter to gauge the performance of your medical and non-medical staff. Of course, you can send satisfaction surveys at any frequency that you want and in any mode that you prefer (voice or message).

    Make sure that you have set up your satisfaction survey questions. If you need examples, see this post for sample survey questions. Once you have those questions set up and have decided how you would take the inputs to better your practice, it’s very simple.

    Click a quick template to personalize your survey request message.
    Click on SMS Blast section and upload the patients you want to send the request to (you can add them manually as well).
    Click on send and schedule when you want those messages to go out.

    Can you support CG-CAHPS style visit surveys?

    Sure you can. It’s just like creating a satisfaction survey. What you need is to download the questionnaire that CG-CAHPS surveys suggest. Then, create your survey with the questions that make sense for your hospital or practice.

    Patient engagement truly does dictate that you conduct regular satisfaction surveys. This also helps you monitor the performance of your practice further.

    Can my patients leave reviews automatically? How to do that?

    Your patients can leave reviews automatically by themselves. They usually do – when they have something negative to say about your practice. However, you can also get into the habit of asking each and every patient for a review after they have visited your doctor. This way you will have a LOT more positive reviews to drown out the negative ones.

    We have found that if you request patients for reviews after a surgery, they tend to be the absolute best (understandably so). We have also found that if you forget to send patient reviews requests daily, patients tend to forget about leaving reviews.

    Our advice is to send patients review requests each day. Better yet, if you connect your EMR to our patient engagement software, then patients can be sent review requests within 15 mins of checking out of their visit.

    How do I send patient payment confirmations instead of mailing them statements?

    Your patients can get their balance or payment confirmations from their bank and are used to it. You can create a template like this (or create your own)

    “Hi <patient first name>, Thank you for paying your balance of <patient balance due> from your last visit with <doctor name> on <appt date>. Please consider this as your payment confirmation. If you have any questions, please text us back here or call us. Thank you so much for looking into this. Have a nice day.”

    You can create a template like you did before. Then, click on Send button – schedule it for whenever you want the messages to go out.

    I need to message thousands of patients to update their demographics. How do I do that?

    Demographics updates are typically the biggest contributors to correcting payer denials. Submitting claims with incorrect demographics information usually leads to denials. You can very easily keep in touch with patients (so you know they will remember you) and also keep the latest patient information on file by simply running these campaigns on a regular basis (1 – 2 times per year)
    This is easy to do by using the SMS blast function.
    Create a template that’s personalized for each patient.
    Upload all the patients that you want to send the messages to.
    Schedule the message to be sent out. Keep in mind, again, that any messages that you send to mobiles, can also be sent as a voicemail drop in case the phone number you have is not a mobile number.

    I need to message thousands of patients to update their insurances yearly. How do I do that?

    Correct patient insurance information is critical for succeeding in medical billing. Patient insurances do change each year and your office cannot possibly keep in touch with 1000s of patients to get updated insurances.
    Our medical billing team usually sets up these campaigns to get the latest insurance information each year.

    This is just as easy as well. Use the SMS blast function for this. Create a template that’s personalized for each patient. Keep in mind that if you are sending the message as a voicemail drop, the patient cannot just text back their insurance card picture(s). Make sure that your message also gives them a way to call you back or to text you back with their insurance card picture(s).
    Once the patient sends you the insurance card photos, you can simply save those to your computer and upload them to the patient record in your EMR.

    Can I remind patients to sign their consent forms so I don’t have to print and scan?

    Our patient contact center team came up with this idea and we have had great success with it. Instead of our customers’ front desk staff printing out consent forms, having patients sign them, then scanning those consent forms, attaching to the patient record.. you can do this a lot better.

    We have used both google forms (see example of free patient intake forms to use) and our own patient intake software to get patients to fill out all the needed information before they come into our customers’ practices.

    You can make this as part of your appointment reminder as well. Let’s say that your appointment reminder cadence includes reminders 7 days before, 3 days before and the day of the appointment. Instead of creating a separate campaign for this, you can also include the consent form in the final appointment reminder that you send out.

    Can I send marketing blasts to my patients?

    Of course. As long as you do it carefully. While patients allow you to communicate via messaging, they also do not want to be sent marketing messages per week.
    Do you have a new special that you are running this quarter? Sure, send that message.
    Do you have a new procedure that you can now serve the patients with? Sure, send that message.

    You can create a template, then create an SMS blast, schedule the message. That’s it.

    Can I send regular practice updates to patients that are interested?

    Of course. As long as you do it carefully – same as with the marketing messages.
    Do you have a new location that you opened? Sure, send that message.
    Do you have a new doctor that can now serve your patients? Sure, send that message.

    You can create a template, then create an SMS blast, schedule the practice update message. That’s it.

    Can I check in with patients to see how they are doing – automatically?

    Yes! That’s actually a very good way to build a relationship with patients.
    However, please be prepared to respond when patients write back to you as well. You can create simple “checking in” message like “Dear <patient first name> 🙂 Thank you for trusting <practice name> with your eye care needs ! How are you feeling today? :-)”

    Patients actually respond to these messages more than anything else. Again, with the other campaigns, you can drop this off as a voicemail as well.

    I have to run yearly wellness campaigns for MIPS purposes. How do I do that?

    Wellness and preventive care campaigns are the best way to stay in touch with your patients. What’s good for your business is also good for patients – the more preventive care they get, the better care they receive, while your practice reaps the benefits.

    You need to decide which campaigns you want to run. Our patient engagement software will tell you when a patient is put into two campaigns at the same time. You can decide how you want to proceed with those situations. Whether the patient should be sent two messages or whether they should be sent a single message.

    Why use SMS texting in healthcare?

    Research has shown that almost 90% of patients stated that they wanted to use SMS texting to communicate with their doctor offices while only 10% said that they prefer patient portals. Mobile web traffic is already higher than desktop web traffic – read the stats here. Google is focusing on local search as well. In other words – the world is using mobile more and more each day (and this trend will only continue).

    Campaign Monitor published a research that shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. Our healthcare call center has seen similar numbers as well. On top of this, we have found that SMS are replied to within 60 seconds of sending the message. This far exceeds our open and response rates compared to emails.

    We are not saying that email is dead or that you should not use email for communications. In fact, our recommendation is to use a mix of both.
    However, the fact remains that the ROI of SMS communications with patients is extremely high – in addition to reducing the manpower overheads of calling patients.

    What patient communications can be over SMS?

    Our patient contact / call center team communicates with our patients about the following (non exhaustive list):
    – New referral from referring partners
    – Patient demographics update request
    – Insurance card update request
    – Consent form signature requests (part of digital patient intake)
    – Appointment confirmation
    – Appointment reminders
    – Re-appointing no-shows
    – Re-appointing cancellations
    – Rescheduling appointments
    – Patient bumps
    – Reappointment of recalls
    – Patient satisfaction surveys
    – Patient reviews SMS
    – Payment confirmation
    – Patient balance payment reminders
    – Customer service queries from patients
    – Billing enquiries from patients
    Our call center also calls and follows up with patients that do not respond to SMS.

    Is SMS HIPAA compliant?

    When is SMS texting compliant? Basically, it all starts with patient consent. The first thing you need to do is to warn the patient, then get the consent from the patient. Next thing is to document these. That’s it. So, if you want to move your entire practice communications to SMS texting, you need to get this consent and send the warning via the first SMS to the patient. That’s all you need to do and you are well covered.

    Want to get started?