EzHealthCRM – Free HIPAA Compliant CRM software

If you want to grow your healthcare business, you need a HIPAA compliant CRM software. Use our free healthcare CRM to manage patient and provider relationships.

Our free HIPAA Compliant CRM software helps you grow your healthcare business. EzHealthCRM helps you market to existing and new patients. Our HIPAA compliant CRM helps you discover and market to referring providers. These are the 2 main ways to grow your healthcare business.

HIPAA compliant CRM

This is a MUST have. If you are choosing a vendor, make sure that they are providing you with HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software. If they are, they would be willing to sign a BAA (business associate agreement). There are MANY off-the-shelf CRM software in the market however MOST of the CRMs are NOT HIPAA compliant. Narrow down your list to using ONLY HIPAA compliant patient healthcare CRM software.

EzHealthCRM is a 100% HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software. We follow Amazon’s Reference Architecture for HIPAA on AWS  and we will sign a BAA with you.

Patient Tracking

One of the most important aspects of EzHealthCRM is to be able to track your patients. Your EPM and EMR store all your patient information. Our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software simply pulls all that data in and helps you tag at your patients in a whole different way.

Once you have your patients tagged the right way, you can segment your patients any way you want. Want to separate patients by demographics? By insurances? Patient balance? By vitals? Do anything you want (you can also learn how to market to patients with our free medical marketing course)

You’d be amazed at how much better you can get at patient relationship management if you are able to segment your patients better.

Referring Provider Tracking

Another important aspects of EzHealthCRM is to be able to track your referring providers. While your EPM and EMR sometimes store all your referring provider information, our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software simply pulls all that data in and helps you look at your patients in a whole different way.

Once you have your referring providers tagged the right way, you can segment your partners any way you want. Want to separate by patient types? Patient volumes? No show rates? Cancellation rates?

You’d be amazed at how much better you can get at referring provider relationship management if you are able to segment your patients and your partners better.

Identify new referring provider sources

If you are serious about growing your healthcare business, you need to be constantly adding new referral sources. Whether you are digging for referral sources from your patient appointments or you are digging around for referral sources around your offices, we’ve got your back.

Healthcare data available to the public is notoriously dirty. A few vendors like DefinitiveHC, IQVIA do a great job of getting you good data – be warned, they are also quite expensive.

Regardless, we provide you with provider information that are available publicly, free of charge.

Segment your patients and providers

EzHealthCRM (free healthcare CRM software) helps you segment your patients and provider data any way you want. You can use our filter builders to segment your data. Once you have segmented data the way you want to, you can just save it as a saved search. This way you can always go back to the saved search and be able to see the latest data.

Campaign Management

Campaigns are the heart of medical marketing. Once you have segmented your patient data or your provider data, you can create campaigns. We will even warn you if the same patient or provider is in multiple campaigns so you get a chance to remove them from one campaign or the other. Read our medical marketing guides to understand how to use campaigns to increase your patient volumes.


Who needs a HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software?

– Your medical marketing department needs it.
– The call center needs it.

You can try being serious about medical marketing with your front desk staff. You will fail. That’s a guarantee. Front desk staff are needed to handle patients and the daily crisis that come up every day while tending to patients. They do NOT have the bandwidth to do marketing for you.

This is a back office responsibility. You need to build or hire a patient contact center center for this. We’ve written about the need for a centralized call center and how to use a healthcare call center software before. Even a healthcare call center cannot operate at maximum productivity without being tied directly and deeply into a HIPAA compliant patient CRM.

We’ve also written about using your EMR to generate more patient appointments. That’s also VERY difficult to do without a healthcare CRM. Healthcare marketing involves phone calls, SMS, faxes – we have written about using proper tools for that because, again, this is a high volume business. It will be really difficult for you to succeed without using a patient texting tool or a faxing tool or a call center software. It becomes a nightmare without these tools.

Why do you need a healthcare CRM software

Your patients are being treated like “kings and queens” by e-commerce companies. They are treated with white glove, personalized service by all vendors out there. That has permanently changed the perception of your patients. The buzz word to describe this is “healthcare consumerization”.

Your patients are now educated consumers. They want to feel valued, treated as an individual.
Healthcare is a high volume business. As long as the current reimbursement model of fee for service exists, healthcare will remain a high volume business.

Even when the transition to value based care and value based payments happens, episodic care volumes will need to transition to preventative care transactional volumes.

How do you handle a high volume business with spreadsheets? Sure, you can get started with spreadsheets, but if you are serious about retaining patients in the long run, you need a regimented approach. You need systems, processes and the tools / technologies to achieve your goals of finding and keeping patients for life.

Isn’t my EMR a patient relationship management tool?

An EMR merely documents patient care that occurs during a visit. It was never meant to manage patient relationships nor was meant to handle managing relationships at scale.

How about my practice management system for patient relationship management?

Nope – that won’t do either. Your practice management software is keeping tabs of your patient demographics, patient insurances and finally your medical billing.
It was not built (back then) to manage patient relationships. Sure, there are many companies that provide you bolt-on systems for patient relationship management, but that’s not their core business.
Practice management systems would be crazy to give up their core business (billing) and compete in the world of relationship management.

Surely, my EMR patient portal is a patient relationship management tool?

To some extent, but not really. Patient portal usage and adoption is pathetically low. While the patient portal numbers reported across the world sound high, the reality is that those numbers are just reporting patient portal activation.
Not real patient portal usage.
Look into your own practice. What % of your patients are actually managing their relationship with you using the patient portal?

What would a healthcare CRM software do for me?

Before you are able to get better at patient relationships, you need to actually understand the patient. Before you fully understand your patients, you actually need a 360 degree view of the patient. To get a 360 degree view of the patient, you need to put the various “parts” of a patient into one view.

Here are a just a few things you can do with a healthcare CRM:
Get a 360 degree view / holistic view of the patient
Understand who the patient really is
Where they came from (how they found you)
Understand what the patient’s demographics are
Your patient’s social life and context
Understand the health conditions the patient has
How the patient engages with your practice
Understand what has their satisfaction with your practice has been
Their financial responsibilities towards your practice
Understand their accountability behavior
Personalize all communications with the patient
Help you understand how to retain the patient
Understand the patient’s family and treat them as a family
Help you understand the care team of the patient
Be able to segment patients based on clinical information
Segment patients based on demographic information
Be able to segment patients based on insurance information
Segment patients and create look alike patients to market to
Be able to segment patients and perform clinical risk analysis
Segment patients and perform financial risk analysis
So much more towards personalized care that the patient needs to stay loyal to your healthcare organization.
Referring providers:
Understand your relationship with your referring provider
Find out who else could be a referring provider and target them to get referrals
Understand whether your referring provider is splitting referrals between you and your competitors.
Keep your referring provider happy about the business they are sending you.
Capture new referring provider sources even if the patient came in without a referral.
Build a tight referral network to enhance patient care.
Move your patients within your high performing referral network.
Launch and manage co-management programs.
So much more!

It’s not to say that you cannot achieve the same with spreadsheets. You can. We have already shared quite a few of these spreadsheets in other articles. You can very well get started with those spreadsheets. However, if you want a true 360 degree / complete view of the patient to truly be able to serve them and to be able to generate more business from these patients, we urge you to consider a healthcare CRM software.

Does your patient portal, your EMR or your EPM give you that? Nope.

That’s what a healthcare CRM software does for you. It presents the data that you already have, across multiple systems into a single, wholistic view. Once you have that 360 degree view of your patient, you can truly slice and dice your patient data to start understanding them and serving them better.

When do you need a HIPAA compliant CRM software?

When you want to grow your healthcare business.

Simply put – if you are investing time and money into marketing, you need a patient CRM software (and possibly a provider CRM software as well). You can achieve the same using spreadsheets as well. However, managing patient relationships using spreadsheets only adds to manual data entry overheads.

You need a HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software if you are investing time and money in any of these:
Paid ads (Facebook, Google etc)
SEO (your website)
Sending patient satisfaction surveys
Marketing new services to patients (e.g. telemedicine line of service)
Using patient education to retain patients
Increasing patient volumes by calling patients that never showed up
Increasing patient appointments by recalling patients
Increasing patient visit volume by reappointing no shows
Asking patients for referrals
Marketing for physician referrals via physician liaisons
Marketing for physician referrals via faxes or phone calls
Marketing to neighboring communities via cold calls or postcards
Print and media advertising (newspapers, radio, TV).

Aren’t my patients loyal to me?

You’d think so. These days – they are not. Patients do switch healthcare providers.

You need to cement your relationships with your patients. In a survey, nearly sixty percent of patients that responded stated that they would switch providers for quality or service reasons; whereas fewer than one-quarter of the doctors that responded felt that a patient would switch providers for those reasons.

The study’s results also showed that there was a disconnect between how satisfied that providers thought their patients were – they estimated that roughly three-fourths of patients were satisfied; whereas, patients themselves, when asked, stated a satisfaction of roughly forty percent.

The increasing consumerization of healthcare along with the strong disconnect between providers’ perception of a patient’s willingness to switch providers and their overall satisfaction indicates that there is a gap that is currently not being filled with existing patient management tools.

No one is going to steal my patients. They have been with me for years!

Think again. Patients are being marketed to digitally.

There’s no getting around this. Ask yourself – what do YOU do when you see that something on Amazon.com is not available to be shipped for 15 days from now? Do you order it and wait? Or do you simply move to the next vendor?

That’s exactly what patients are doing to you.

It’s great to add new patients to your practice each month, but keep in mind that repeat patients typically make up 80% of your business. The more you lose patients, the more marketing dollars you have to spend in acquiring new patients.

Net-net : If you want to remain competitive, invest in improving patient access and certainly start investing heavily in patient relationship management.

What can I achieve with a healthcare CRM software?

Think about how ecommerce vendors treat you. They:
– Wish you happy birthday
– Wish you various seasonal greetings
– Send you relevant articles or blog posts to read once you purchase something
– Send you timely offers
– Greet you with your name when you login to their website or mobile app
– Remember your account and credit card information so you don’t have to remember them each time
– Allow you to interact with their brand 24×7
– Provide stellar customer service each time you contact them
– Send you regular updates when you purchase something
– Keep you in the loop about the status of an inquiry or purchase
– Ask you how satisfied you were with each transaction you make
– Make it SUPER easy for you to do business with them
– Make recommendations based on your past purchases or interests
– So on and so forth.

That’s what you have come to expect from your favorite e-commerce vendor. That’s also why you are loyal to your e-commerce vendor… because they invested in you.

Do you invest in your patients? Do you invest in your referring providers?

Time to get started is NOW.

Why would my patients shop around?

Patients are not as loyal as they used to be. They are bearing a higher percentage of their healthcare costs. Being educated consumers, they are shopping around for the highest value for their healthcare dollars. If you do not invest heavily into patient relationships, you will certainly see dwindling patient volumes.

Patients are also looking for doctors with highest levels of patient access. If it takes weeks to get an appointment with you, you are pretty soon going to lose patients.

In the past, doctors and patients used to have a very personal relationship. Patients did not switch doctors very easily and the doctors knew their patients, their families by name. There were much more solo practitioners and the volume of patients seen by a single solo practice wasn’t high.

A CRM software for healthcare was not needed back then. That’s no longer the case.

How Tos

This section answers all questions users have with getting started with EzHealthCRM

  1. How do I sign up for EzHealthCRM software?

    Click on the “Contact us” button to get in touch with us. Once we receive your contact information, we will reach out to you and get the information we need to set up your organization. As we set up your organization, you will get an email to verify your email address and login for the first time.
    You can let us know who you would like us to have as a practice administrator.

  2. How do I collaborate with my staff on EzHealthCRM software?

    Once the first user is signed up from your organization, they can invite as many colleagues as they want. Click on Invite, then choose “My Team” or “Partner Team” and enter the person’s email address to invite them to EzHealthCRM software.

  3. What’s the difference between My Team and Partner Team

    Healthcare is a collaborative business. You will be collaborating with various staff from various functions across your practice. These people will be part of “Your team” and will have access to the same information that you have access to.

    You will also be collaborating with various staff from your referring provider practices. You will only be sharing specific patients with these practices – not all your patients. When you invite these users from other practices to collaborate on a patient, they get added to “Partner Team” and can see only those co-managed patients.

  4. Do I have to connect my EMR?

    Not always. You can also work in standalone mode by uploading your patient and appointment data as a base sheet. Once you have uploaded that, you have all your patient/appointment/billing data to work with.

  5. How do I create an appointment reminder campaign

    You can use our prebuilt reminder campaigns without doing anything. As soon as you upload your patients and appointments, you can click on the top right hand corner of the EzHealthCRM software web page to see your campaigns.

    You can click on the 2 days reminder campaign to see the details

  6. How do I create a campaign to patients that never showed up?

    There are many cases where patients make appointments and never really show up. This means that their “last seen” / “last encounter” appointments dates are not available.
    EzHealthCRM software provides you with a pre-built campaign for marketing yourself to these patients. Click on the the icon on the top right hand corner and then click on the “No encounter” campaign link. You will see all your patients that never showed up for their first appointments.

  7. How do I reach out to patients fallen out of care?

    EzHealthCRM software helps you identify all patients that have fallen out of care for more than X months. Click on the top right hand corner of the web page and you will see an option to choose how many months you want to include.
    You can choose to target patients that have fallen out of care for more than X months. Once you make that selection, EzHealthCRM software will show you all patients that you can reach out to.

  8. How to collect patient balances

    Create a campaign with patient balances. As soon as you import your patient data, all our pre-built campaigns are ready for you to use. If you want to use our pre-built campaign for patient balance collection, you do need to upload patient balance information as well. You also need to remember to keep patient balances up to date on a regular basis.
    Once we have patient balance information, you can click on the top right hand corner of EzHealthCRM software and you’d be able to see the campaign details

  9. What do I do with campaigns?

    EzHealthCRM software is designed to help you create campaigns. Once you create campaigns, you need to think of what action you want to be taken with those segmented data. You could have your front desk or call center agents call the patients – that could be the only action you take in your campaign. Or, you could send SMS to all patients in a campaign. That’s another example of a campaign.
    In EzHealthCRM software , you can create campaigns and assign those campaign patients to users of EzHealthCRM software (i.e. your teammates). Of course, you can assign multiple people to the same campaign, working on different patients.