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Pharmacy Medication Reminder System

Free pharmacy Medication Reminder System from NisosHealthCRM. Send free text messages and voicemails for medication reminders, refills, pickups.

NisosHealthCRM - Medication Reminder System

Automated patient Communications

NisosHealthCRM helps you have 2 way communications with your patients. As pharmacists, we spend too much time answering calls, reminding patients, handling clearances, calling provider offices – time to reduce these administrative burdends.

Use our templates (see below) or use your own templates. All for free. Send 1 message at a time or blast text messages to all patients. Send 1 personalized voice note at a time or blast it out to every patient in one shot – your choice. Contact us to get started.

Prescription ready text/voice message template

Don, your prescription ME is ready at AMAZ Pharmacy: 1234 E SUNRISE BLVD. See when your pharmacy is open or set up delivery at: Text HELP for help or STOP to stop all SMS. SMS terms and conditions:

Automatic refill reminder text/voice template

Don, your Rxs DU, MES will be automatically filled for you in few days. Call your AMAZ Pharmacy at 123.456.7890 if you do not need it right now.

Prescription filled notification SMS template

Don, your pharmacist filled your prescription MES at AMAZ Pharmacy. Please pick it up at 1234 E SUNRISE BLVD. Details at:

Prescription filled notification Voice template (longer)

Hello Don. Your prescription has been filled out by your pharmacist. It is available for pick up at 1234 East Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale for the next 5 days. Please note that prescriptions not picked up in the next five days will be returned to the shelf. For any questions regarding your prescription order please call 123-456-7890. If you’ve already picked up your prescription please disregard this message. Thank you for choosing AMAZ pharmacy and have a great day

Refill approval request SMS template

Pls respond: Rx FA is due for refill. Don, do you want AMAZ Pharmacy to fill FA at 1234 E SUNRISE BLVD? Txt YES to refill. Txt NM for full Rx name

Rx Ready, free delivery SMS template

Don, you have 2 Rxs ready at AMAZ Pharmacy: ME, DU. Can’t make it to us? We deliver free. Click to order now:

Awaiting Dr. Approval SMS/Voice Template

Don, We’re still waiting for your Dr to approve a refill for DU. Please call your Dr. for more information. Reply HELP for help. Yours truly, AMAZ Pharmacy. (this pushes patients to call their doc 🙂 )

Refill request not authorized notification template

Don, Your Dr did not authorize a request to refill your Rx for DU. Please call your Dr. for more information. Your friends at AMAZ pharmacy.

2 way SMS chat bot with patients with keywords

Always send “Text HELP for help or REFILL to refill an Rx”
Helps pts understand what to type.
If patients type something your bot doesn’t understand respond with
AMAZ Pharmacy — Sorry, I don’t understand. For immediate support call your local store at 123.456.7890.

Keywords set up

Please text the Rx # of the prescription you’d like to refill. Text only 1 Rx # at a time.For customer service call 123.456.7890. For info visit To cancel text msgs reply STOP. Msg&Data rates may apply.
NisosHealthCRM Keywords set up

Hope this helps you kick off your pharmacy patient engagement and reduces your patient communication overheads.