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Surgery Scheduling

Free surgery scheduling software from NisosHealthCRM. Manage your surgeries with hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers for free.

Surgerical - surgeries for the month

Surgery Schedule

Access your surgical schedule via mobile
app on iOS and Android. Surgerical App gives you HIPAA-compliant access to your surgical calendar.

You can see full patient and surgery details as long as you have an active internet connection.

When surgery schedulers update anything about the patient or the surgery, changes appear in the mobile app app, so you’re always in the loop.

Surgeons can keep using paper or use the desktop to order surgeries, tests, pre op etc. The same desktop version can be used by the surgery schedulers as well.

Either way, the entire team – right from the surgeon to the surgery scheduler to the biller, to the surgery center team… everyone on the same page, at all times.

Surgerical - see surgery details

Sync with your calendar

Keep your google calendar and your surgery calendar in synch. This way, you can have a good handle of your personal appointments and your clinical appointments as well.

Do you work at multiple practices? Just let us know and we will get you going on all locations.

We know how a surgeon’s schedule feels. Personal appointments, in office patients, multiple surgeries at various surgery centers, multiple cases, pre op notes.. jeez! How do you keep up?

That’s why our surgery scheduling team built the surgerical app ! To ease the life of the surgeons that our own revenue cycle management teams support.

Surgery Orders

Surgeons can keep using paper or use the desktop to order surgeries, tests, pre op etc. Your surgeons would be used to the EMR centered design of our surgery orders.

Whether the ordering provider is the surgeon themselves or not, you can order pre operative IVs, tests, equipments, request sales reps to be present, pre operative medications, state surgery urgency – pretty much everything.

Need help? Our helpful team is right there to help you along the way.

Surgery Orders

Surgery Planning

Surgery Planning is painful – we get it. Our surgery scheduling team does it on a daily basis. Once your provider or surgeon has placed their procedure or surgery order, you have everything you need to start planning the surgery.

Plan the pre surgery date/times, post operative date/times, plan for COVID test date/times (we will remind you), plan for medical clearances, get insurance clearances, plan tasks and assign them to your team mates.

In other words – nothing falls through the cracks. No more surgery cancellations, no more no-shows.

Surgery Planning

Surgery Procedure Lookup

We need to look up procedure codes every once in a while. NisosHealthCRM Surgerical adds various tools to help surgeons look up procedures on the go and add them to their favorites as well.

Surgery Procedure Lookup

Emergency Room Intake

NisosHealthCRM Surgerical helps you with emergency intakes as well. Simply use the tool to do patient intakes quickly using a tablet without being bogged down with large forms and a computer. You can always expand further once your patient is in the ward or the operating room

Emergency Room Intake

Surgery Post Operative Notes

NisosHealthCRM Surgerical helps you with your post operative surgical tasks as well. You can take pictures of your patient tickets with your phone and attach those to your surgeries, add voice notes to your surgery record, send everything to your billers – all from one place.

Custom Forms For Your Practice

We know you are used to your own forms. So are we! No problem – you can continue printing your own forms. As long as you use our system and we have the data you want to print in your forms, we will print it. It’s as simple as that.