Surgerical – Free Surgery Scheduling Software

Surgerical – Our free surgery scheduling software was developed by our surgery scheduling team.

Track your surgery status, surgery calendar, collaborate with internal and external team members, use standard surgery forms – all in one place, all for free.

If you need a surgery scheduling team for prior authorizations, PAT/clearance and other coordination processes, hire us

Surgery scheduling is hard, but does not have to be. Approximately 20% of surgeries are cancelled due to poor pre-op planning. Get it right with our simple, free surgery scheduling software. Our medical BPO team uses it weekly to manage 250+ surgeries.

Surgery Scheduling

Schedule surgeries just like you used to with a spreadsheet. Only, more organized 🙂 No messy spreadsheets to manage, nothing falls through the cracks.

Surgery Collaboration

There’s a lot of collaboration that needs to happen before a surgery actually occurs. You collaborate with your billing team, your calling team, your surgery partner teams etc. Do it all here by inviting your collaborators. Everyone, one the same page, working towards the same goal.

Surgery Status Tracker

You no longer have to keep answering “what’s the status of this surgery”. We make it easy for you to update your bosses and the patients about their surgery workflow status.

Surgery Calendar

See your surgeries on a simple calendar. Book surgery dates straight from the calendar itself. No need to wrangle spreadsheets or notepads.

Standalone or EMR connected

You don’t have to spend money on connecting our surgery scheduling software to your EMR. You can get started with using it as a standalone system as well. Surgerical allows you to upload all your surgeries or patients regularly.

Web and mobile access

You do not have to install any software. Surgerical is web based and can be accessed from anywhere you work. Your surgeons can use the surgerical mobile app to view their surgery calendar and surgery details.

HIPAA compliant

Surgerical is HIPAA compliant and runs on Amazon Web Services, following the AWS guides on hosting HIPAA compliant software. In addition, we sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with you.

Document management

Surgerical allows you to upload all surgery scheduling related documents in one places. These documents can be PDFs or other word documents. We allow you to import patients and surgeries via CSV as well. In addition, with one click, you can generate all patient and surgery related forms as PDFs to print / hand out to your patients.

Integrated fax management

In healthcare, we live in the world of faxes – there’s no getting around them. Surgerical gives you a fax number to designate solely for your surgeries. You can see incoming faxes from the Surgerical website itself. Once you receive faxes on Surgerical, you no longer have to scan/PDF faxes received. You should be able to simply attach incoming faxes to surgery / patient records.

Communication tools

Surgery scheduling is all about communications – not playing phone tag or fax tag. Surgerical lets you have discussions around each surgery. Your collaborators (team members and partner team members) can have a conversation around each surgery.


Surgery Scheduling How Tos

Here are responses to a frequently Asked Questions about Surgerical – surgery scheduling software.

How to login to Surgerical?

To sign up, either contact us or go to the main page of Surgerical website. Here, you have the options to sign up, reset your password, or login. Click on Sign up, enter your details. The system will send an email (from ) to the email address you signed up with. Please click on the link in that email to verify your email address.

Once you do that, you can start using the free surgery scheduling software.

How do I add my organization details in Surgerical?

Once you have logged in to the surgery scheduling software, select Organization from the left hand menu.
Click the plus button there and add your group NPI. Don’t worry about adding all locations just yet.
Adding one group NPI will add one location for now. After that you can add the rest of your locations to our surgery scheduling software.

How do I add my organization locations in Surgerical?

Once you have logged in to the surgery scheduling software, select Organization from the left hand menu. Since you have already added your organization, now you can add locations. To do this, click on the icon on the far right to add locations. You can add as many locations as you want – just like adding a new row in a spreadsheet.

Can I add the statuses of my own?

Absolutely. Our software was developed in collaboration with our own patient contact center team and revenue cycle management team. We realize that not everyone follows the same statuses that our teams do.
Feel free to add your own statuses by clicking on Status in the left hand menu. You can edit them at any time.

Can I change URGENCY timeframes?

Yes, of course – we typically follow the following but you can edit / change or do whatever you want – it’s your organization and Surgerical works the way you want to work.

To add a new Urgency or edit existing ones, go to Urgency on the left hand menu. Click on the plus button or the pencil button on that page to add or edit an urgency detail.

How do I add my surgeons?

You can add as many surgeons as you want to our surgery scheduling software. Click on the surgeons link on the left hand menu. Click the plus button on that page and enter your surgeon’s NPI number. Surgerical, our free surgery scheduling software. will fetch the rest of the details from CMS.

How do I add a surgery?

Click on the Surgery link on the left hand menu. On the add surgery popup, add patient details, status, surgeon, MRN etc.
Use the comments / notes section for anything you want to document or pass on to your team mates.
E.g. we use comments section to note that the surgery is OD first, OS next.
We have even used the comments section to note aberrations like “Waiting for PCP clearance for bed bug problem. PAT on 08/15 @ 9.30am”.. stuff like that.

There’s always a next step 🙂 Use that field to assign the next step to someone and to add a reminder for the next step due date.

Where’s my list of surgeries?

Same thing – click on Surgery on the left hand menu to see the list of surgeries and the status of each surgery.

Can I add a lot of surgeries in one shot?

Absolutely, you can click on the upload CSV button to upload many surgeries in one shot / bulk. Notice that there’s a “Download sample CSV” link there. Click on that link to download a sample CSV file.

Use this CSV file as a guide on how to add more surgeries to the surgery scheduling software.
The CSV file contains these columns:

Surgery CSV file columns
Surgery Center
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Alternate Phone Number
Planned Surgery Date
PAT Scheduled
Next Step Assigned To
Current Step Due Date
Comments / Notes
Patient signed forms (Medical records release + surgery consent)
Complete Surgery booking form recd
Prior Auth Done?
COVID tests booked?
COVID results recd?
Office billed for surgery?
Simply fill in all your surgeries and click upload.

As soon as you upload the file, you will see a “mapping” screen. This just make sure that we are mapping the columns of your spreadsheet to our database columns correctly. Make changes as you see fit here and that’s it – you can upload your surgeries.

How do I add collaborators to my surgeries?

There are generally two types of collaborators.

1. People that work in your organization. e.g. other surgery coordinators in your organization, medical billers, front desk or team mates that get you prior authorizations etc.

2. People that work in your partner organization. e.g. people from the surgery center that you work with – the surgery coordinator, the biller on their side, the materials/procurement personnel etc.

You can add both types of collaborators from the Organization screen. Click on Organization in the left hand menu, then click on the plus button to invite someone via their email address.
Before you hit invite, make sure that you choose “My team mate” or “Partner team”.

Whoever you invite, will get an email (please make sure that you have the right email address). Once they get the email from you, they will be able to sign up and collaborate with you on your surgeries.

If you are inviting someone as your team mate, they will get the email from and will automatically be added to your team/organization.

However, if you are inviting someone as a partner team, they will also get an email (like below) and will have to fill in their organization details. Notice that they do NOT have the option to change their email address on the “Accept Invitation” screen.

Once they accept the invitation, you will see them listed in your organization screen

I was invited as a collaborator to Surgerical by my surgery partner. What do I do?

Simple – you received an invitation via email.
Click on that email invitation link you received.

After clicking on that email link, you will sign up to Surgerical with your full name and details.
Once you sign in, click on the Organization link on the left hand menu and add your organization. That’s it !
Remember, to add your organization, all you have to do is to add your group NPI. We will fetch the rest of the details from CMS.

Now, you can collaborate with the partner that invited you AND you can also collaborate with any other partners you work with as well. Just add them as collaborators!

How do I let my collaborator to see my surgeries

Once your partner has accepted your invitation, they will be able to collaborate on any surgeries you let them collaborate on.
Go to your surgery list, click on the collaborator icon on the far right hand corner of the surgery row. You will see a popup with your partner names. Select the partner(s) you want to give access to, then click save.
As soon as you let the partner see your surgery (and allow them to collaborate on the surgery), they will see it in their list of surgeries in our surgery scheduling software.

How do I move my surgery workflow further?

Once you have added your surgeries, you can update each surgery’s status as and when your team finishes off each main task.
Patient signed all the papers? Check it off
Pre-admission tests done? Check it off
Medical clearance done? Check it off
And so on..

How do I filter my surgeries?

Click on Surgeries on the left hand menu. Once you are on the surgeries screen, you can filter on any of the columns you see.
You can also create advanced filtered views with as many different filter criteria as you want.

Do I have to filter each time? Can I save my searches?

Of course you can – it’s called a filter builder in our surgery scheduling software.
Click on the magnifying glass above the surgeries table. This will allow you to create filters with any conditions that you want.
Once you do that, you can choose to save your search as well. This way, once you have created this filter, you never have to create the same filter again.
Once you have saved this filter, you can go to filter builder at any time and see up to date results!

How do I see my calendar?

Click on Calendar menu item on the left hand side. Here, you can see all the surgeries you have scheduled. You can also add a surgery from this web page by clicking on the date itself (the date you want to plan a surgery for).

How do I create my own surgery center forms?

Click on the Form Builder link on the left hand menu. Here, you can create whatever forms your surgery center uses with its partners. This step does need time to wrap up. However, once you are done, you can reuse the same form with all your partners!

Is it really free?

Yes, it truly is free. How do we make money?
We believe that software alone does not solve the problem in healthcare. You still need people for the last mile, people to oversee the surgery scheduling process.

From our experience, the main barriers in coordinating surgeries are:
1. Coordinating with patients to ensure that they get their medical clearance done
2. Getting prior authorizations from payers
3. These days – getting COVID tests organized

Our dedicated surgery scheduling services help with this. While your front desk gets the papers signed, our team takes care of everything else. That’s what we charge for and that’s how we make money.

Where can I learn more about surgery scheduling processes?

Surgery Scheduling Services