Business Phone, Fax, Video, Conferencing, Meetings, Chat, Text messages – all in one place

Running a business is hard. Let’s at least make communications easy for you and your staff.

How to get started with your virtual phone system

Pick a plan

Click on get started, fill in your details. Choose a plan (all plans start with free option) and you are good to go.

Choose numbers

First step – choose numbers for fax, phone, text messaging during this free trial. Once you are ready to go, we will port your current phone numbers over.

Get set go!

Make a call. Send a fax. Make a video call to your customers. Send a text message to your customers. Try them all out. You will be amazed at how efficient you can get!

What can EzWebPhones do for you?

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Virtual Phone System

COVID has made us all re-evaluate our communications. Everything is digital and can be digital. This consumer and business behavior is here to stay. EzWebPhones is web based phone solution that lets you get rid of desk phones and expensive phone lines. You still get the voice, video, text, fax, and other team collaboration features of an expensive phone system for a fraction of the cost. Why? Because it’s delivered by the same technology powering

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Phone calls from anywhere

You no longer have to be tied to a desk to answer calls nor to make calls. With voice over IP (what Whatsapp, Skype uses), you can attend all calls from a coffee shop (if you choose to). Transfer your call to your colleague. Do a group call with your colleagues or a customer. We handle it all for you.

EzWebPhones forget fax machines

Faxes from your computer

You no longer need to worry about a bulky, expensive printer/fax machine nor paper or ink. Send faxes right from your computer itself. EzWebPhones takes your documents and sends it via fax from your computer. Receiving faxes? No problem – you get an email notification that you just received a fax. How simple is that?

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Video Calls

Video calls are the best way to give your customers a very personalized experience – a human touch. Video calls are also the way we communicate during COVID with our colleagues. For healthcare providers, video calls are a way to provide televisits and offer telehealth services as well. To make video calls, your customers do not have to download anything. You can make video calls with your colleagues or with customers. All from one place.

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Video Conferencing

Do you need to have enterprise level video conferencing calls across your offices and remote workers? That’s not a problem either. With video conferencing, you can easily share content, see attendee information with the visual roster (those tile things on the screen). You can even use enhanced whiteboard features during your meeting to make your point.

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Need an instant meeting? No problem. Have a scheduled meeting? No worries. You get easy to schedule, personalized meeting links. Join with a simple tap.. enough with those passcodes already! “Running Late”? Single tap and we will let everyone know you’re running late. Want your meeting to call YOU when it is starting? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Sharing a presentation? Check. Record your meetings, double check. All HIPAA secure as well.

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Website Chat / Chatbots

People are chatty these days – aren’t they? Your business should (and probably does) have a website chat set up. Your customers are on your website, looking for answers or to make an appointment with your business. With our system, you can have chatbots set up to answer frequently asked questions from customers. Or, you can have your front desk or call center staff answer chats as well. Customer hold time on the phone too long? No problem, you can offer your customers to chat with you instead.

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Company chat

If you look around, most of your colleagues get work done via chat. Why? So they don’t waste time walking over to the other colleague. Email inboxes are crowded, so people typically send each other a chat message to get instant help/answers. As we work each day, we typically have to copy / paste things from our desktop to share with our colleagues. Try that with your phone! In fact company chat, much like Slack, is one of the most important things these days.

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Text Messages

Have your staff text each other without sharing their personal cell phone numbers. Send text messages to your customers. Do you deal with HIPAA? You can even configure a standard first responses to customers warning them that SMS is not HIPAA secure – you need their opt-in to communicate PHI via SMS. Want to receive images from your customers? No problem. Your doctors might also want to use this for consults (billable). We have got you covered.

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Phone tree & IVR

You want your business to sound professional but don’t want to spend a fortune. We get it. Get a professional phone tree set up in minutes. Have more than one front desk staff? Get automatic call distribution setup with no IT headaches. Do you need to route incoming calls based on your staff skillset? No problem. Need 100s of phone numbers to run massive call campaigns? We’ve got that too. Need automated phone dialers? Not an issue. You will get everything you need to be able to scale your business up.

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Automated text, fax, calls, voicemails

Have mass text messages to send? No problem. Have automated text messages to personalize for customers and send them on time? We support that too. Do you want to leave voicemails for your customers automatically – no problem. Want customers to “Press 1” to speak to an agent? Easy for us. Want to market your business via phone, fax, voicemails, text messages? No problem. All personalized, at scale and all done for you.

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Reporting & Analytics

We know how important reporting is to you. You are a new age leader. You are data driven. Reporting and analytics are in your blood. You get real time call analytics, call sentiment analytics, call reports, wallboards plus you can slice and dice data as you want. Measure your staff’s performance, train them appropriately, keep getting better!