PRM – HIPAA Compliant CRM software

All your bigger competitors are using HIPAA compliant healthcare relationship management software. Are you?

Use our PRM. Make life easier. Go get that promotion 🙂

You cannot grow your medical practice without a regimented, process oriented marketing approach. Trust us – we run medical marketing (direct to patients and to referring physicians) every day. We know.

To be regimented in your B2B (referring physicians) and B2C (direct to patients) you need a CRM, or rather, a PRM (patient relationship management) software. There are many rock solid, advanced CRMs to choose from – Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Healthgrades etc.

If you want to get started with something simpler, use our PRM instead (no frills). Our software is for people that have not used a relationship management tool before to manage patient and provider relationships.

Getting Started in 5 mins

Here’s how you can make your medical marketing life easier with less effort. You do not need a complicated relationship management tool to get started. Start simple – just one step above a spreadsheet.

Step 1 – Sign up for free (yes, free)

Click on PRM
Enter your first, last name, email address
Click sign in
That’s it 🙂
Step 2 – Add your patients

Click on Patients
Upload a spreadsheet with patients ensuring that you have MRN / patient ID or copy/paste those details
Hit Save. That’s it.
We will tell you if there are duplicates.
Step 3 – Add your appointments

Click on Appointments (past and future)
Upload a spreadsheet with patients’ appointment details or copy/paste those details
Hit Save.That’s it.
We will tell you if there are duplicates.
Step 4 – Create saved searches

Now that you have patient and appointment details, click on Searches
Search for patients with however many conditions/filters you want
Hit save
That’s it. You can now use this “kind of patients” anytime, anywhere and we will keep updating this with fresh data each time you add more data
Step 5 – Create Tasks

Now that you have your life organized, click on tasks
Create a task and choose the type (Todo, Call, Email, Fax, Message etc) and choose the priority
Associate with patient OR appointment
Assign to yourself (you will invite colleagues later)
Put it in a queue
Add a due date/time
Add when you want to be reminded
Add any optional notes if you want to
That’s it.
Step 6 – Start a queue

Start a queue each day
Finish the task that the queue gives you or reschedule it
Pause the queue for taking calls/going for lunch
Finish as much of the queue as you can
Go home
That’s it – life is easy 🙂
Step 7 – Produce amazing reports for your boss

You know you are a superhero
Click on reports
Produce daily or weekly reports of work done
Be a superhero – go get that promotion!