Payer Services

We believe that narrow, high performant network of providers, removing administrative burdens, leading with preventive care and meeting HEDIS measures are the keys to success. VBP / capitation works if led by innovation. While individual providers don’t have the innovation budget / bandwidth, we have a strong management services organization background led by technological innovation. Combine that with experienced clinical, operations, financial leadership, and you have everything one needs to succeed.

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Pharmacy Medication Reminder System

Free pharmacy Medication Reminder System from NisosHealthCRM. Send free text messages and voicemails for medication reminders, refills, pickups.Continue readingPharmacy Medication Reminder System

Meeting HEDIS Requirements For Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Comprehensive diabetes care (CDC):  HbA1c Testing HbA1c Control Retinal/Diabetic eye exam Medical attention for Nephropathy BP Control <140/90 mm Hg Retinal/Diabetic eye exam: % of plan members with diabetes who…Continue readingMeeting HEDIS Requirements For Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Medical Marketing – Direct to patients

Do not depend solely on referrals from physicians to grow your business. Establish a direct line with patients and learn how to get business from patients directly.Continue readingMedical Marketing – Direct to patients