Medical Billing

You are leaving money on the table. We can almost guarantee it.

As reimbursements tighten up, patients bear a larger portion of their healthcare costs per year, revenue cycle management that’s based on rock solid systems, processes and procedures has become even more crucial. Your practice’s viability, sustainability and profitability depends on the performance of your billing department.

Whether you choose to do it in-house, outsource it to an RCM firm on-shore or offshore is ultimately your decision. We can consult and work with your team or transition the entire RCM process to our RCM center of excellence to provide you with the peace of mind that you are looking for.

Most provider groups that we start working with, seem to lack robust systems, processes and defined workflows to be as efficient and lean as possible while maximizing collection rates. We can start by looking at what you are collecting per $ claim submitted, what the industry benchmarks are, the steps needed for you to reach those goals.

We are huge fans of HFMA MAP keys – in case you are wondering. Trust us to handle your revenue cycle management processes – end to end.