Lesson 1 – How to get more patients

Learn how to get more patients from doctor referrals, community outreach.

Getting more patients from doctor referrals, community outreach requires you to be regimented about your marketing and outreach. You can do all the following steps manually (using spreadsheets) or you can use our healthcare CRM + our patient communication software.

What are the ways to get more patients?

Take a moment to think this through. You get patients from

– B2B (business to business) marketing – aka marketing to other physicians and businesses (whether you are scoping out physician referrals or marketing with payers or doing direct deals with employers etc)
– B2C (business to consumer) marketing – aka marketing to prospective patients directly (whether you are doing digital marketing, print and media advertising, workshops, community outreach events etc)

How to get more patients from B2B marketing?

Healthcare, in many ways, is like a retail business. Unless you have ventured into telemedicine or started using telehealth as a potential patient acquisition strategy, your patients are local to you most of the time.
Few examples of who you can market to:
– Other physician practices
– Businesses around your medical practice location(s)
– Senior living centers
– Home healthcare agencies

You can add more that are relevant to your specialty

How to get more patients from B2C marketing

Regardless of whether you are marketing to other businesses or not, you need to establish a direct marketing channel to draw patients to your practice. You could be doing very well based on other physician referrals, but please do not ignore this direct-to-patients marketing channel.

There are several ways you can market directly to patients
– Digital marketing
– Print and advertising
– Community outreach
– Joint marketing campaigns with payers, other providers promoting health
– Health awareness seminars held at your office or other locations
– Many more…

How do I get started?

Start with a marketing plan – however basic that is. Don’t go overboard. Let’s look at how to create a medical marketing plan next. Medical marketing is a lot easier with our HIPAA compliant CRM.

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