Lesson 7 – How to market your practice using a simple CRM with referring provider data

Here’s how you can market to referring providers each day and track your success.

Many practices make the mistake of not being organized about their physician marketing program. They gather information here and there, download PDFs, print them out, then sort of mark the providers their rep has visited or the ones they have called to introduce themselves. That is not the way to approach marketing. You can certainly start that way, but very soon you are going to forget who you contacted, who you didn’t, how many times you contacted someone etc. Feel free to use our healthcare CRM software to manage referring relationships better.

  1. Understand marketing is a game of numbers

    Marketing (and sales) is a game of numbers. You need to show up, rain or shine, on a regular basis for people to remember you. It’s as simple as that. You need the right team for this. Either train your staff in phone marketing or hire a BPO team for the same.

  2. Understand the process and the reasons

    You don’t even need to invest in any CRM (physician relationship management) tool to begin with. All you need to have is (at a minimum), a spreadsheet where you have all this provider data, the name of the person(s) from your office that is marketing to that provider, notes, date(s) you reached out to that provider.. That’s about all you need to track on a regular basis.

    Trust in the process. Keep showing up and keep at it. You WILL see the results over time.

  3. Get a basic CRM and route planning software if possible

    Of course, should you choose to invest in a basic, simple healthcare CRM – life becomes a lot easier and things get a lot easier to manage. Most CRMs send you reminders, automatically log calls and emails to help your team avoid spending time in data entry.

    If you choose to invest a little bit of money in this – go with Badgermaps (Route Planner for Field Sales) or you can also use our free provider CRM software as well.

  4. It’s OK to use spreadsheets / Google sheets as well

    Don’t want to do either? At the very minimum, use a google sheet or a spreadsheet!
    Here’s a sample spreadsheet to use as a spreadsheet based provider CRM. For daily reporting, feel free to use a sample like this.


    Just doing this alone will help you and your call center team keep track of physicians to reach out to. Next, let’s look at how to market to referring providers via faxes, calls, emails. Make your medical marketing easier with our healthcare CRM software.

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