Amazon Pinpoint customer engagement

Leverage Amazon Pinpoint to easily communicate with your customers and patients over multiple channels. Win more customers, patients and retain them for life.

COVID didn’t reduce the need for marketing. One thing is for sure – the strong companies will get stronger during these uncertain times. The weaker ones will fold during these times.

Strong Marketing that results in new revenue acquisition. Strong customer retention to reduce customer churn. These are the two pillars of strong companies.

Are you a strong firm or are you going to fold?

Multi channel communications like the e-commerce giants.

Healthcare consumerism has upped the ante on personalized, relevant and timely multichannel communications. With Amazon Pinpoint, this kind of customer care is no longer just for the e-commerce giants. Amazon Pinpoint enables even small and medium businesses to leverage the same tools that itself uses.

What is this Amazon pinpoint?

Think of it as a multi channel, cloud based, marketing communications software to help you with both outbound and inbound communications. You have no software to install, no hardware headaches to manage, no phone companies to deal with. For most small and medium-sized businesses, we can even get you up and running within 1 week!

What do I use Amazon pinpoint for?

You can connect with customers over channels like email, SMS, push, or voice. Amazon Pinpoint helps you create marketing campaigns easily – visually or with IT geeks. You will run these marketing campaigns on your customers after you segment them based on customer attributes. Amazon Pinpoint lets you segment your campaign audience for the right customer. Then, with Pinpoint, you can personalize your messages with the right content, at the right time to delight and wow your customers. All this time, Amazon Pinpoint will help you measure the success of your marketing communications with their Delivery and marketing campaign metrics .

You don’t have to be sending billions of messages to use it – even though you can.

How do I personalize messages to customers with Amazon Pinpoint ?

First, Segment your audience for the right group of customers based on existing customer lists, attributes. Connect your CRM (if you have one) to Amazon Pinpoint. You can also connect your EMR to Pinpoint (ask us how). If you do not have a CRM, you can take your spreadsheets and convert them to a CRM using Amazon Honeycode (we help with that as well). 

Next, create your marketing campaigns with the right messaging to be sent at the right time. You can Personalize the right message content to engage and delight your customers using both static and dynamic attributes. Static attributes can be predefined customer attributes, holidays, seasonal timings etc. Dynamic attributes can be based on what actions a customer takes or how they interact with your messaging.

This involves multi step campaigns. However, that’s not difficult with Amazon Pinpoint. Marketers can visually create a customer journey that automates these multi-step campaigns.

Want to get started?

    What happens to our current company number?

    In general, you don’t want to use your company phone numbers for sending mass text messages or voicemails – phone companies don’t look too kindly towards that. With Amazon Pinpoint, you can tie in your marketing email address, get a phone number (or short code) to send your automated text messages or voicemails.

    How about sensitive information? Are they stored in the cloud?

    If you are a healthcare customer, Amazon Pinpoint is HIPAA eligible so you can rest easy. Amazon Pinpoint is good to go with AWS System and Organization Controls (SOC), FedRAMP, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for security management controls, ISO/IEC 27017:2015 for cloud-specific controls, ISO/IEC 27018:2014 for personal data protection, ISO/IEC 9001:2015 for quality management systems, and others. Read more on AWS website.

    Can Amazon Pinpoint make my customers happy?

    No, only you and your employees can do that 🙂

    However, Amazon Pinpoint can certainly help you understand the needs and behaviors of your customers and patients – at scale, without too much human hand holding. Moreover, Amazon Pinpoint will help you take action on that intelligence at the right time and communicate with your customers and patients automatically without sounding robotic. Harness the power of Amazon Pinpoint today.

    How about supporting multiple languages?

    Yup – Amazon is world class in that (as you already know). Behind the scenes, Amazon Connect uses something called Amazon Polly and it supports all kinds of languages. English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish – no sweat!

    Don’t see your language? Amazon keeps adding language support regularly.

    Can Amazon Connect contact center connect to my CRM?

    Of course! That’s one of the amazing things about Amazon Pinpoint. Once you start using Amazon Pinpoint – you can connect it to your CRM, your EMR, your help desk ticketing system.. Anything you want. Just ask us.

    What can Nisos Health do for me?

    • We will get you and your team set up to leverage the power of Amazon Customer Engagement solutions.
    • Consult with you on any campaigns that you could/should run/consider
    • We will set up campaigns as directed
    • Connect your Pinpoint instance with various systems that you are already using.

    Want to get started?