Care Coordination For Employers

Our “health help desk” helps employers curb rising premiums. Keep employees within plan design, reduce absenteeism, enjoy cost savings by directing employees to the right provider.

Nisos Health Wellness Initiatives

Healthier employees

Your employees have a single phone number to dial for healthcare. Our care coordinators help your employees:

  • Complete preventive screenings to reduce chances of serious illnesses
  • Triage and navigate all care requests based on clinical appropriateness, plan policy and employee choice
  • Get immediate or urgent care via virtual care
  • Reduce absenteeism for unnecessary visits
  • Save money on co-pays and deductibles
  • Medication adherence and reminders

Care Coordinators at the heart of it all

By using robust processes, HIPAA secure cloud technology and our care coordinators, we help you:

  • Find the right provider “in-network”
  • Schedule preventive care appointments
  • Share clinical data between PCP/specialists.
  • Automated calls, text messages, voicemails, finally – human calls as reminders.
  • Post visit satisfaction surveys
  • We close the referral loop.
  • Triage via virtual care for clinical appropriateness

We look forward to serving your employees