Care Coordination For Doctors

Improve patient access, satisfaction, capture higher CMS reimbursements with our care coordinators. We can handle all your inbound and outbound calls, coordinate with patients, ensure your business growth

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Nisos Health Care Coordination

Care Coordinators at the heart of it all

By using robust processes, HIPAA secure cloud technology and our care coordinators, we help you:

  • Care coordinators find the right provider
  • Schedule preventive care appointment while on the phone with pt.
  • Share the clinical data electronically between PCP/specialists.
  • Automated calls, text messages, voicemails, finally – human calls as reminders.
  • Post visit – automated satisfaction surveys
  • We do the chart chasing – not you. We close the referral loop.
  • Capture results back to member’s PCP.
Nisos Health Wellness Initiatives

Capture higher CMS reimbursements

Capture higher CMS reimbursements with preventive care screenings. Our care coordinators will call & appoint your patients, follow up with them until they show up at your practice. Here are just a few preventive screenings you can help patients with:

  • CRC Screenings
  • Diabetic Retinopathies
  • Mammograms
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Annual Wellness Visits
  • Prenatal Care Visits
  • Capture and profit from all NCQA Incentives
  • Improve CAPHS and rating scores.
Medical marketing services

Medical marketing services

Marketing your practice is a LOT of work. We help you grow your medical business via physician referral and direct to patient marketing. Our call center team is adept at community outreach – cold calls and postcard mailers to people near your practice locations. We take a fax and outbound calls based physician referral marketing approach for you as well. In addition to this, we mine your own EMR for reactivating & reappointing patients that have fallen out of care for more than 6 months. Our call center helps your team reducing & re-appoint no-show patients. Finally, we ask patients for referrals from their friends and family.

Healthcare call center services - Nisos Health

Medical Answering Services

Our physician answering services are staffed with professionally trained (in HIPAA and PHI as well) staff round the clock. If you are not looking for the more advanced patient contact center services, this is a good way for you to get started.

24 Hour Answering ServiceAfter-Hours Answering ServiceDispatching ServiceEmergency Answering Service
Weekend AnsweringOverflow Answering ServiceSmall Business Answering ServiceVirtual Receptionist
Nisos Health Answering Services Solutions
Medical billing  services - Nisos Health

Website Chat & Social Media Answering Service

You know that you need someone answering your website visitors and incoming website inquiries on your website. You want to capture all Google My Business and Facebook driven patients. For this, you need to be online ALL the time. But who has the staff for that? That’s where we come in. We act as an extension of your staff and just like with Phone Answering Services, we answer your website chats and social media driven inquiries.

Healthcare IT services - Nisos Health

Call Center Solutions

Every business is unique. We are dedicated to providing 100% customizable call center services that can meet the needs of any business. We reduce headcount needed by utilizing Amazon Connect Contact Center, Amazon Pinpoint – to service phone, chat, email, SMS channels. Our highly trained customer service agents help you provide your customers the best multichannel customer experience.

24-7 Call CenterAppointment SchedulingAppointment RemindersMultilingual Service
Direct Response Call CenterDisaster Recovery Call CenterDispatch Call CenterOutbound TeleMarketing
Overflow Call CenterPatient Pre-registrationProfessional IVR + VoicemailsSMS, Website chat, Phone, Voicemail, Email integration
Voice BroadcastingMass Text MessagingAutomated SurveysCustomer Reviews Requests
Nisos Health Call Center Services Solutions

Specialized Services

Not every call center can start taking inbound calls. Each agent needs to have expertise in the specific specialty to be able to triage calls. We are dedicated to healthcare and our agents have gone through extensive training (including HIPAA and PHI).

Home Care Answering ServiceHospice Answering ServiceMedical Answering ServicePatient Pre-Registration
Physician Referrals (inbound)Physician Referrals MarketingCommunity Outreach ServiceSurgery Scheduling Services
Revenue Cycle Management CallsDischarge follow upsCare Gap OutreachCustom Call Center Outreach Needs
Nisos Health Specialized Call Center Services

Outbound calls we can handle

We help solo practitioners, physician groups, hospitals and health systems with patient outreach. Our outreach services include (but not limited to):

  1. Acquisition, Retention, Reminder outreaches (patients or members)
  2. Revenue Cycle Management Calls
  3. Discharge follow ups (patients or members)
  4. Care Gap Outreach (patients or members, mostly HEDIS)
  5. Custom Call Center Outreach Needs

You can send us a targeted list to call on a regular basis or we can connect to your EMR and stratify your patients for your approval. We can suggest the call scripts or you can provide your own. Either way, we partner with you in a way that makes sense to both parties.

This investment typically has a very large return on investment in terms of new appointments, care adherence, patient recall, HEDIS measures, reimbursements, improved patient satisfaction, patient experience and increased accessibility. 

Patient Acquisition, Retention, Reminder outreaches


We engage your community via calls, voicemails, text messages on your organization’s behalf. You get new members or patients. This service pays for itself even if you get 10 new patients a month.


We engage your existing patients or members via calls, voicemails, text messages on your organization’s behalf as a “regular check in”. You get loyal members or patients. More often than not, your patients make new appointments.


We remind your existing patients or members via calls, voicemails, text messages on your organization’s behalf. These could be appointment reminders, re-appointment reminders for no show or cancelled patients. Your patients make new appointments. 

Revenue Cycle Management Calls

Part of revenue cycle management involves calls to patients and payers. Our revenue cycle management backend team helps you with charge posting, payment posting etc. Our frontend revenue cycle management team helps you with eligibility, prior authorization, denials, payer no-responses calls. Our patient balance collections team calls patients for payment reminders, payment collections.

You can very easily improve A/R cycles and increase cash collections by leveraging our eligibility verification services. This helps in reducing write-offs and denials.

We can help you:

  • Verify coverage on primary, tertiary, Medicaid etc – we leverage our eligibility verification solutions in addition to using payer IVRs and payer CSRs.
  • Reach out to patients & get updated insurance information (if anything has changed since their last visit)
  • Keep up-to-date/current member ID, group ID, coverage end and start dates, co-pay information etc
  • For certain payers, obtain pre-authorization codes
  • For certain payers, get PCP referrals as needed
  • Keep patient demographics up to date and verify patient identity using our technology solutions
  • Stay up to date on patients’ issues with coverage or authorization

Discharge follow up calls

Making discharge calls diligently can reduce readmission rates and also improve patient satisfaction. This helps tremendously with patient loyalty as well.

Our staff are dedicated to healthcare and we call on your organization’s behalf. We reach out to patients to ensure post-discharge understanding and recovery.

These calls should be made within 48 to 72 hours following discharge.

Care Gap Outreach

Typically, mammograms, colorectal screenings, diabetes care, heart disease, and flu shots affect large segments of the patient population. Our agents call on your organization’s behalf, informing patients and reminding them of such recommended screenings. During the call, they also make necessary appointment for the patient.

How we work with you

  1. Our transition managers conduct a detailed study of your weekly and seasonal call patterns.
  2. The above step allows us to determine the reason for the call . Here, we introduce our technology innovations to automate some of the call resolutions. This allows us to establish the baseline KPIs (call abandoned rates, call handling times, resolution on first contact, patient satisfaction etc)
  3. At the next step, we port your phone numbers and implement an interactive voice response (IVR) using Amazon Connect. This lets us handle simple queries like directions, appointment date/times, wait lists, balance inquiry and statement requests.
  4. Next, we set up the phone tree as it exists at your location(s) today. Here we add our call center agents to the front of the line. Based on specific queries, our agents can transfer calls back to your staff.
  5. We support English, Spanish and all south asian languages like Bengali, Hindi etc. At this point, we set up language specific phone tree options.
  6. Meanwhile, our transition managers set up a training process to perform knowledge transfer from your existing staff and to set up communication and escalation protocols.
  7. During the knowledge transfer process, we work hand in hand with your current staff and monitor performance indicators along with you.
  8. Once you are satisfied with our call handling capabilities, we transition the entire inbound call center responsibilities to ourselves
  9. At this point, we give you access to the same real-time call management and reporting software solution that we ourselves use.
  10. Moving forward, we continue having brief weekly calls to discuss KPIs

We look forward to serving your patients