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We help large physician groups, hospitals and health systems create their own outsourced call center to improve patient satisfaction, patient experience and increase accessibility. We are strong believers that your practice locations should be staffed to handle patient care – and not to answer phone calls.

We help large physician groups, hospitals and health systems create their own outsourced call center to improve patient satisfaction, patient experience and increase accessibility. We are strong believers that your practice locations should be staffed to handle patient care – and not to answer phone calls.

Provider groups come us and reduce their own call center’s response time to less than 1 minute. They find that it is cost prohibitive for them to staff it with on-shore talent.

We leverage our call center technology that integrates with our partners’ EMRs and Erlang-C model based workforce analysis + management to reduce abandonment rates and increase first-call resolution.

How we work with you

  1. Our transition managers conduct a detailed study of your weekly and seasonal call patterns.
  2. The above step allows us to determine the reason for the call . Here, we introduce our technology innovations to automate some of the call resolutions. This allows us to establish the baseline KPIs (call abandoned rates, call handling times, resolution on first contact, patient satisfaction etc)
  3. At the next step, we port your phone numbers and implement an interactive voice response (IVR) using Amazon Connect. This lets us handle simple queries like directions, appointment date/times, wait lists, balance inquiry and statement requests.
  4. Next, we set up the phone tree as it exists at your location(s) today. Here we add our call center agents to the front of the line. Based on specific queries, our agents can transfer calls back to your staff.
  5. We support English, Spanish and all south asian languages like Bengali, Hindi etc. At this point, we set up language specific phone tree options.
  6. Meanwhile, our transition managers set up a training process to perform knowledge transfer from your existing staff and to set up communication and escalation protocols.
  7. During the knowledge transfer process, we work hand in hand with your current staff and monitor performance indicators along with you.
  8. Once you are satisfied with our call handling capabilities, we transition the entire inbound call center responsibilities to ourselves
  9. At this point, we give you access to the same real-time call management and reporting software solution that we ourselves use.
  10. Moving forward, we continue having brief weekly calls to discuss KPIs

What we can help with

Inbound call handling

  • Appointment scheduling / rescheduling
  • Pharmacy related queries
  • Statement requests and billing inquiries
  • Bill payment via check or credit card

Outbound call handling

  • Appointment reminders
  • No show re-appointment
  • Patient recall
  • Self-pay collections
  • Patient balance collections
  • Billing reminders
  • Address verification
  • Eligibility verification
  • A/R Denials and no responses from payers

Patient scheduling

As we are well aware of, our patients expect near real-time responsiveness from our practices. How many of us have the financial resources to staff a call center like that?

Scheduling & patient flow are the most important aspects of running a practice at its peak. The beginning of the week always tends to have a higher call flow than Thursdays/Fridays. Patients call, send SMS, use the appointment scheduling section of your website, send messages on Google My Business, facebook messages.. How do you keep up?

We wouldn’t be able to either – but we leverage our innovations in patient messaging technology to achieve true omni-channel appointment capture and patient scheduling success.

Your patients can reach out to you in any way they want – any channel they want, any time they want. We address these incoming scheduling requests and ensure that patient demographics are captured with 100% accuracy, patient insurance details are captured without any gaps plus patients are given their desired appointment date/times – to further reduce their chances of being a no-show.

Patient balances and self pay collections

Patient bad debt write offs are on the rise, and have been so for a while now. This is primarily because we all deal with inefficient patient collection practices. This, added to the not providing the patient with easy access to patient statements nor easy ways to pay, increase our A/R.

We can help you reduce your bad debt write-offs. We leverage technology (SMS, email, calls) to reduce patient balances, get paid faster by making it super easy to pay (just like they pay for anything online), obtain patient statements on-demand. For patients that simply do not respond to digital messaging, our agents act as a first party collections agent (i.e. call on your behalf) and ensure payments are collected on time and deposited to your bank account.

Eligibility Verifications, Prior Authorizations

With the changing healthcare landscape and higher patient payment responsibilities, proper patient insurance eligibility and benefits verification are CRUCIAL. This alone contributes significantly to numerous expensive claim resubmissions, delayed payments, non payments, patient balance collection calls etc.

You can very easily improve A/R cycles and increase cash collections by leveraging our eligibility verification services. This helps in reducing write-offs and denials.

We can help you:

  • Verify coverage on primary, tertiary, Medicaid etc – we leverage our eligibility verification solutions in addition to using payer IVRs and payer CSRs.
  • Reach out to patients & get updated insurance information (if anything has changed since their last visit)
  • Keep up-to-date/current member ID, group ID, coverage end and start dates, co-pay information etc
  • For certain payors, obtain pre-authorization codes
  • For certain payors, get PCP referrals as needed
  • Keep patient demographics up to date and verify patient identity using our technology solutions
  • Stay up to date on patients’ issues with coverage or authorization

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