Payer Services

We believe that narrow, high performant network of providers, removing administrative burdens, leading with preventive care and meeting HEDIS measures are the keys to success. VBP / capitation works if led by innovation. While individual providers don’t have the innovation budget / bandwidth, we have a strong management services organization background led by technological innovation. Combine that with experienced clinical, operations, financial leadership, and you have everything one needs to succeed.

Who and where we serve

We are dedicated to medically underserved areas. These populations are typically covered by Medicare and Medicaid, often semi rural.

How we serve

nisos health onsite care

Onsite Care

  • Primary care
  • Vision
  • Preventive screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Vision
  • Dental
nisos health Telemedicine & House calls

Telemedicine & House calls

  • Primary care
  • Specialists in payer network
  • Chronic Care management
  • Diagnostics and Labs
  • Nurse assisted Televisits
Medical Marketing - physician referrals

Care Coordination

  • Medication adherence
  • Referral management
  • Care coordination / navigation
  • Chronic care management

How we reduce your MLR

Partnering with you means we partner with you to help you reduce your medical loss ratio.

Tacking Primary Care, extended w/ telemedicine

  • Office visits
  • Audio visual televisits
  • Audio telecheckins
  • HIPAA secure text evisits
  • Inter-professional consultations
  • Nurse home visits equipped with mobile testing equipment
  • Remote patient monitoring via wearable devices for specific patient population

Care coordination – single number for patients to call

  • Care from our team
  • Care navigators keep patients within network (even for emergent & urgent care)
  • Care navigators ensure referral loop is closed
  • Care navigators ensure preventive care visits are completed

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Chronic care patient management, patient reported outcomes
  • Medication adherence management, patient reported outcomes
  • Escalation to care navigators upon non-compliance
  • Connect with State Health Information Exchange Encounter Notification Service (ENS) to ensure monitoring of patient hospital usage.

We look forward to serving your members