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Surgerical – Free Surgery Scheduling Software

Surgerical – Our free surgery scheduling software was developed by our surgery scheduling team.

Track your surgery status, surgery calendar, collaborate with internal and external team members, use standard surgery forms – all in one place, all for free.

If you need a surgery scheduling team for prior authorizations, PAT/clearance and other coordination processes, hire us

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Surgery Scheduling Services

Our surgery scheduling services team ensures that you concentrate on counseling patients and getting them ready for surgeries. Meanwhile, our outsourced surgery scheduling services team takes care of the annoying parts – ensuring that patients schedule and go for their pre-admission tests, get their medical clearances, obtaining prior authorizations for each surgery.Continue readingSurgery Scheduling Services

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Surgery Scheduling Process

Here you will find guides for surgery scheduling process, free surgery scheduling checklist to download, free surgery scheduling software to use. If you need help with COVID/medical clearances, prior auths – our surgery scheduling services team can help.Continue readingSurgery Scheduling Process