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Feel free to download these whitepapers for you and your teams. Our physician managed services teams produce these guides / whitepapers to help the medical community at large.

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Surgery Scheduling Guide

For most hospitals and specialties, surgery scheduling is costly. Sometimes, it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Use this guide to reduce surgery cancellations and no shows.
Telemedicine Guide

Use this guide to increase patient access, service patients AND profit with/from telemedicine. Telemedicine is here to stay. Better build a business around it.
Patient Reviews Guide

With improved patient experience, you get higher patient reviews. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Read this guide to capture reviews each time
Centralized Call Center Guide

One problem with high patient volume is the need for increased patient access. Use this guide to improve access and patient experience.
Patient Intake Guide

If you’re already generating large patient volumes, you’re going to need to “see” them as efficiently as possible. Use this intake guide to do so.
Medical Billing / Revenue Cycle Management Guide

What’s the point of seeing more patients if all your money is stuck in denials? Use this guide to avoid such situations and master revenue cycle management in your operations.
Amazon Connect for healthcare contact center – decision guide

Before you choose Amazon Connect Contact Center software, be prepared with answers to these questions.
Medical Marketing Basics

Get the basics medical marketing guide for marketing to businesses, patients, referring physicians and for telemedicine as well. We also show you how to grow with patient reviews, improve patient experience, patient satisfaction, patient access via tools
Medical Marketing – physician referrals

Understand the healthcare referral process well. If you are a referral coordinator – This will help you be better at your job. If you’re a physician liaison – this will help you manage referring partner relationships better. If you’re a healthcare marketer – this will help you make your quota.
Medical Marketing – Direct to patients

Do not depend solely on referrals from physicians to grow your business. Establish a direct line with patients and learn how to get business from patients directly.
Outsourced software development – Guide For Managers

Here’s a guide for healthcare IT managers thinking about hiring an outsourced healthcare software development company to bring their healthIT software products to market at acceptable costs / budget.

Custom software development costs guide

Depends on your risk appetite, your budget and the kind of control you want on the project. Price ranges (hourly) can be from $20 – $250. You need to understand what you want to control and how your organization is prepared for outsourcing.
EMR integration – a primer for software vendors

There has been an obvious trend towards medical practices moving or purchasing cloud based EMRs. For many practices – especially those on the smaller side – there is almost always no cost reason to undertake the effort of provisioning a server, paying for its installation, paying the cost of patching and maintenance, and replacing it every three-five years.
Medical Software Development – Guide For Managers

Medical software development comes with its unique set of challenges. Most of them are related to EMR integrations, HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification (if you are a software vendor) and the latest – cloud based healthcare software development.
List of guides available for download (free, after registration)